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Documents concerning request for invalid retirement by Gonzalez for wounds received during battle with coronel Perry in Texas. 08-07-1818 Hoz, Francisco de la (Teniente), Arriola, Vicente, Arredondo, Francisco (Comandante General)
Letter from Arredondo to viceroy requesting recompense for battle fought by company three years previous. 01-31-1799 Arredondo, Joaquin de (Comandante General), Arriola, Vicente (Teniente), Apodaca, Juan Ruiz (Virrey), and others
Letter from Garrido, Arriola to Rengel requesting that Garrido be permitted to winter in banos de penon to improve health. 03-24-1786 Rengel, Joseph Antonio, Garrido y Duran, Pedro (Secretario) (Abogado), Arriola, Gregorio Augustin (Medico Cirujano)