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Padilla, Juan Joseph de (fray)/Baca, Bernabe (alcalde mayor) to Olavide y Michelana, Henrique (gobernador). Proceedings against Francisco Padilla for inciting Indians of Laguna; for falsifying governor's orders. 03-08-1737 Baca, Bernabe (Alcalde Mayor), Padilla, Juan Joseph de (OFM)
Montoya, Antonio Maria/Baca, Antonio. Criminal case against Antonio Maria Montoya and Antonio Baca for stealing cattle from Vicente Lopez. They are found guilty and sentenced to six years labor on hacienda Encinillas. 05-12-1796 Montoya, Antonio Maria, Baca, Manuel
Jose Manuel Baca & Jose Francisco Ortiz. Two notes on the same scrap of paper acknowledging receipt of arms and ammunition. 08-13-1818 Baca, Jose Francisco, Ortiz, Jose Francisco (Alcalde Mayor)
Gutierrez, Juan/Baca, Antonio. Ortiz brings suit to collect on contract defaulted on by Gutierrez. Contract dealt with sale of sheep. 07-09-1766 Gutierrez, Juan, Baca, Antonio
Fernando Chacon (?)-to-Pedro de Nava (comandante). Report - re: audiencia's sentencing of Gonzales & Baca to Ensinillas. 01-18-1800 Gonzales, Juan Francisco, Baca, Manuel, Gutierrez, Victorino, Gonzales, Dionisio, Barela, Ysidro, Chacon, Fernando (Gobernador) (?)Nava, Pedro de (Comandante)
Baca, Manuel/Caballero, Jose. Accounting report on the Santa Fee presidio storestock on hand. 07-05-1821 Baca, Manuel (Sargento), Caballero, Jose (Alferez)
Baca, Manuel/Caballero, Jose. Account book of supplies provided to members of the Santa Fe presidio company and accounts of funds. 06-30-1820 Baca, Manuel (Sargento), Caballero, Jose (Teniente)
Andres Sanudo and Juan Baca. List of soap distributed to members of the Santa Fee presidio company. 01-08-1819 Sanudo, Andres, Baca, Juan