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Certifications about services made to crown by troops of the town of Totatiche under jurisdiction of Colotlan. 11-13-1773
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Ocampo, Francisco Xavier
and others
Concerns all out campaign ordered to punish Indian rebels who attacked Spanish property and killed some christians. Documents on land... 04-08-1718
Marquez, Nicolas
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Letters dealing with legal documentation on abuses committed by Indians from Pueblo de Mamata, against Spanish property. 11-28-1772 Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Series of autos about the inhibiciones of Indians auxiliaries tlaxcalas and Chichimecas from the area of Zacatecas. Copies of autos enacted... 03-20-1592
Gatuno, Joseph Xavier
Campa, Antonio de la
Series of autos and testimonies of military operations in the area of Guejuquilla jurisdiction of Colotlan. 05-22-1758
Galicia, Josef Belardo
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Madrid, Christoval and others
Series of autos dealing with the conquest and reorganization of the provincias of San Luis Cololtlan 1773-1777. 11-06-1773
Torres, Alejandro de
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Gonzalez, Mathias and others
Series of autos on charges brought against Indians accused of theft by the corregidor of Bolanos. 02-09-1771
Velazco, Francisco Antonio
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
and others
Series of documents certifiying an earthquake that occurred in Colotlan 1774. 03-27-1775
Cordova, Juan Vicencio de
Cruz Pacheco, Josef Calixto de la
Gatuno, Josef Xavier and others
Series of testimonies and certificacions about conquest of Indians from Nayarit 1770-1778. 11-08-1770
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
Ruiz, Antonio Matheo
Campa, Bernave de la
and others
Testimony on the reconquest of San Josef de Nayarit with the help of troops from Colotlan. 04-10-1724
Flores de San Pedro, Juan (Gobernador)
Gatuno, Josef Xavier
And Oters