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Iturbe E Yraeta

Titlesort icon Date Author(s)
Mazcorro requests retirement from milicias provinciales of Nuevo Santander. 09-26-1806
Iturbe E Yraeta, Manuel
Mazcorro, Jose Gregorio (Teniente)
Calleja, Felix
Candidates recommended to occupy vacant official posts of 1a, 2a, and 3a companias Volantes de Nuevo Santander. 04-21-1806
Calleja, Felix
Iturbe E Yraeta, Manuel
Vidal de Lorca, Joaquin
and others
Candidates recommended to fill vacant posts of companias milicias de Nuevo Santander. 02-17-1807
Calle, Felix
Iturbe E Yraeta, Manuel de