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Diary of occurrences in province of New Mexico form 1 July through 30 August, 1809. 07-01-1809 Lucero, Juan, Allende, Pedro Maria de, Armendariz, Pedro
Joseph Manuel de Ochoa -to- Fernando Chacon (teniente coronel). Report on termination of reconnaissance campaign. 12-27-1800 Ochoa, Joseph Manuel de, Lucero, Juan (Soldado), Chacon, Fernando (Teniente Coronel)
Letter from Fages, Lucero, Ortega to Viceroy concerning granting of status of disabled to ex-soldier from Loreto, in order to devote himself to transport of supplies from Loreto to Californias. 10-18-1793 Fages, Pedro (Coronel), Lucero, Jose Antonio (Soldado), Ortega, Joseph Francisco