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Juan Lujan claims against estate of Melchor Chavarria by Juan Lujan and others granted by alcalde mayor Ygnacio Sanchez Vergara. 09-15-1809 Sanchez Vergara, Ygnacio (Alcalde Mayor), Lujan, Juan (Gobernadorcillo), Chavarria, Melchor, Reano, Josef
Luan, Catharina/Rosa, Catharina/Pumazho, Anguellina. Women accused of witchcraft. 05-13-1708 Lujan, Catharina, Rosa, Catharina, Pumazho, Anguelina
Series of documents concerning legal history supporting Lujan's request that he receive Halberdier's salary. 09-29-1797 Lujan, Jose (Alferez), Guardiola, Marques de, Arrillaga, Jose Joaquin de (Gobernador), and others
Series of letters relating to Lujan's request that he receive pay owed him for time that he was hospitalized. 11-03-1801 Rodriguez, Manuel (Comandante), Lujan, Jose (Alferez), Lasso, and others