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Correspondence re: Marrufo's campaign diary. 03-22-1789 Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo (Comandante General), Marrufo, Ramon (Capitan), Virrey
Sandobal, Guerrero, Marrufo report on military survey of north Nuevo Mexico, Sonora. 08-02-1790 Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo (Comandante General), Marrufo, Ramon (Capitan), Sandobal, Pablo (Alferez), and others
Cuentas for supplies to Apaches de paz in Namiquipa, San Buenaventura and San Elezeario; repartimiento listing Indian names and supplies for Taraumares auxiliaries (names not included in personal names). 06-26-1791 Marrufo, Ramon (Capitan), Gonzalez, Pedro Bernardino (Teniente Havilitado), and others
Detailed cuentas of expenses from Namiquipa for supplies for pacified indians; supplies for Taraumares auxiliaries. 08-04-1791 Gonzalez, Pedro Bernardino (Teniente Havilitado), Marrufo, Ramon (Capitan)
Promotions of military personnel. 05-00-1784 Marrufo, Ramon, Carrasco, Joseph Manuel (Comandante Interino), Ortega, Vicente (Teniente)
San Vicente to Bucareli. expediente concerning military operations against Apaches in Chihuahua. 00-00-1772 San Vicente, Juan de, Marrufo, Ramon, and others