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Series of autos on Indian religious practices. Letters informing the viceroy of idolatry of Indians and the determination exterminate it 02-01-1768 Canaveral Ponce de Leon, Vicente, Oca, Manuel de (Capitan), Yzaguirre, Mariano, Guemes, Manuel and others
Administrative correspondence between commander Oca and the viceroy. Civil and fiscal administration. 05-14-1767 Oca, Manuel Antonio de (Comandante)
Correspondence between commander Oca and the viceroy, Marquez de Cruillas, dealing with presidio reorganization 09-04-1764 Oca, Manuel Antonio de (Comandante)
Correspondence concerning transference of men for protection of Bexar against indians 06-11-1770 Oca, Manuel Antonio de, Rivas, Antonio de, Virrey (?)
Correspondence between Oca, Bucareli, and other government officials concerning Oca's request to go to Spain. 05-22-1769 Oca, Manuel Antonio de (Teniente Coronel), Bucareli y Ursua, Antonio (Virrey), and others
Official correspondence of Oca with viceroy and others 05-06-1769 Oca, Manuel Antonio de (Comandante), and others