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Perez de Almazan

Titlesort icon Date Author(s)
Division of water sources among Indians of mission San Antonio and settlers from the Canary Islands. 06-02-1731
Perez de Almazan, Juan Antonio (Capitan)
Ybiricu, Fermin de
Espronceda, Antonio
and others
Informes from Rivera, Pedro de, Perez de Almazan, and others to viceroy concerning Indian affairs and colonists in Texas. 12-01-1731
Rivera, Pedro de (Brigadier)
Perez de Almazan, Juan Antonio
and others
Series of documents dealing with distribution of land and water rights to repopulators of San Fernando. Measurement and boundaries for each... 07-06-1731
Casafuerte, Marquez de (Virrey)
Perez de Almazan, Juan Antonio (Capitan)
Munarriz, Sebastian de