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Sanchez Vergara

Titlesort icon Date Author(s)
Fernando Chacon -to- Pedro de Nava (comandante). Recognition of fray Sanchez Vergara as custodio of provincial missions. 03-29-1801
Chacon, Fernando (Gobernador)
Nava, Pedro de (Comandante-General)
Sanchez Vergara, Jose Mariano (Fray) (Custodio)
Dorrego, Josef Angel (Provincial)(Fray)
Juan Lujan claims against estate of Melchor Chavarria by Juan Lujan and others granted by alcalde mayor Ygnacio Sanchez Vergara. 09-15-1809
Sanchez Vergara, Ygnacio (Alcalde Mayor)
Lujan, Juan (Gobernadorcillo)
Chavarria, Melchor
Reano, Josef