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Titlesort icon Date Author(s)
Correspondence of governor Fayni and viceroy Bucareli with related testimony 11-28-1774
Fayni, Josef
Bucareli y Ursua, Antonio Maria (Fray)
Sandoval, Jose Manuel
Correspondence to viceroy detailing identity of comanches. 03-03-1743
Fernandez, Benito (Fray)
Sandoval, Manuel de (Gobernador), Marquez de Altamira.
Documents concerning release from prison of San Antonio de Bexar of the courier Aparicio Jimenez. 01-24-1736
Bizarron y Eguiaretta, Juan Antonio de (Arzobispo)
Sandoval, Manuel de (Gobernador)
Documents dealing with military organization and administration. Transference of soldiers and purchase of supplies and horses 03-02-1735
Urrutia, Joseph de (Capitan)
Sandoval, Manuel de (Gobernador)
French incursions into New Mexico 04-12-1749
Velez Cachupin, Thomas (Gobernador)
Sandoval, Felipe de
and others
Letters from Escandon to virrey, informing him about the destructions the rain cause in Nuevo Santander. 10-30-1751
Altamira, Marques de (Auditor)
Escandon, Joseph (Coronel)
Sandoval, Felix de
and others
Series of autos on land measurements and distributions for colonizers who came from islas canarias to live in San Fernando, province of... 11-28-1730
Arocha, Francisco Joseph de
Delgado, Juan
Sandoval, Manuel de (Gobernador)
and others
Series of documents dealing with recovery of money owed to the government, by captain Urrutia. Case is open by governor Sandoval against... 09-07-1735
Sandoval, Manuel de (Gobernador)
and others
Series of judicial documents about conflict between government officials in San Antonio de Bejar. Conflict arose out of some orders... 04-14-1735
Sandoval, Manuel de
Urrutia, Joseph
Hoyos, Domingo de
Series of reports about defectos found in doctrinas of missions administered by fray Galindo in Nuevo Reyno de Leon 09-29-1706
Sandoval, Manuel de
Cruz, Juan de la (Capellan)
and others
Visita de las minas y haciendas y tiendas 06-06-1671
Bracamonte, Tomas
Sandoval, Sebastian de