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Bernal, Mariano/Cacho, Antonio (fray). Receipt for grain contributed for the relief of Zuni pueblo and a report on the distribution of the... 03-05-1820
Bernal, Mariano
Chaco, Antonio (OFM)
Charges formed against soldier Francisco Chavez for second desertion. 06-24-1815
Madariaga, Jose Nicolas de
Bernal, Jose
Zuniga, Ygnacio
and others
Correspondence concerning financing of war against Indians and rebels in northern provinces. 04-15-1815
Bernal, Francisco Joseph
Arredondo, Joaquin (Comandante General)
Quixano, Mariano Ygnacio
and others
Fernando Chacon (?)-to-Pedro de Nava (comandante). Support for petition of fray Cayetano Bernal. 09-22-1800
Chacon, Fernando (Gobernador)
Nava, Pedro de (Comandante- General)
Bernal, Cayetano (Fray)
Fernando Chacon -to- Pedro de Nava (comandante). Acknowledgement-re: increase in salary for fray Cayentano Bernal. 01-14-1801
Chacon, Fernando (Gobernador)
Nava, Pedro de (Comandante-General)
Bernal, Cayetano (Fray)
Letters from Garcia Alexo to the virrey on the state of the provincias. Other matters related to military retirement. 07-31-1820
Garcia Conde, Alexo (Comandante)
Bernal, Francisco Joseph
Lopez, Carlos
and others
Rafael Montes and Julian Bernal. A report on the arms, clothing, and animals owned by the members of the El Paso militia company. 10-28-1818
Montes, Rafael
Bernal, Julian
Reports concerning payrolls for troops and navy of presidio of Loreto and other fiscal affairs. 01-03-1794
Ortega, Joseph Francisco de
Bernal, Yldefonso
and others