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Person Last Name Document title Date
Cobarrubias Padre Juan Ortiz Zapata partido de San Francisco Xavier de Guasabas from relacion de los misiones que la compania tiene en...el Nueva... A -MA-1676
Cobarrubias Reports of expenditures for canary island immigrants to Quautitlan. 08-30-1730
Cobarrubias Series of reports on the status of the missions of the province of Nayarit. Missionaries send certification of gubernatorial visits. 10-29-1781
Cobarrubias Series of testimonies and autos dealing with sexual assault committed by an Indian. Petition for release from jail of some soldiers. 04-02-1773
Cobarrubias Series of documents dealing with distribution of land to Indians Chichimecos settled in Colotlan and surroundings. Autos on trial against... 03-05-1773
Cobarrubias expediente instruido al representacion del gobernador del Nuevo Santander el coronel don Melchor Vidal de Lorca sobre aumento de sueldo y... 10-03-1783
Cobarrubias sobre reunion de misiones del Nuevo Mexico en que resulta ahorro a la real hazienda. 07-20-1784
Cobarrubias Documents relating to transportation, expenses and plans to settle canary islanders in Texas. 09-06-1730
Cobarrubias Representazion del real tribunal de cuentas sobre facultades del comandante general de Provincias Internas.... 06-13-1793
Cobarrubias Concerning establishment and protection of jurisdictions in Nayarit. 12-10-1723
Cobarrubias Letters concerning military stationing, defense of Nayarit. 01-03-1722
Cobarrubias Reports of defense, Indian threat in Nayarit. 01-08-1724
Cobarrubias Reports of conflict, peaceful encounters with Indians in Nayarit. 01-22-1724
Cobarrubias Reports of activities of Indians, Spanish taking advantage of tribe turning against tribe. 03-06-1724
Cobarrubias Vaguely expressed ideas for dealing with captured Indians. 03-01-1724
Cobarrubias Transcripts of interrogation of Indian suspects in murder of Luna. 04-26-1724