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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Dominguez Cuaderno 13 perteneciente a la residencia del gobernador Miguel Sandoval que incluye cartas, autos e informes por oficiales militares y... 00-00-1719
Dominguez Francisco Ortiz (S.J.) to Lucas Luis Alvarez (S.J.). Regarding the behavioral nature and disposition/attitude of the Indians towards the... 05-19-1747
Dominguez Numero 5 indice de los documentos de Provincias Internas que con carta de 20 de marzo 1777 se dirigio al senor Brigadier don Teodoro de... 00-00-1763
Dominguez Melchor falamantes. Plan to determine western limits of the province of louisiana and Texas. 03-26-1807
Dominguez Correspondence and published government documents on regulation of maritime transportation of other ports with San Blas 07-26-1810
Dominguez Promotion of naval personnel at San Blas. 02-23-1793
Dominguez Notes on correspondence concerning missionaries in California and Nuevo Mexico from 1785-1802. 12-05-1785
Dominguez Notes on correspondence concerning missionaries in California and Nuevo Mexico from 1785-1802. 12-05-1785
Dominguez Lessees of haciendas Arroyo Zarco and San Jose Mingo request legal action be taken against landlord for unlawful taxation. 02-17-1797
Dominguez Orders to soldier not to spend night outdoors in California. 09-07-1782
Dominguez Inventory and appraisal of hacienda San Pedro de Ibarra. 03-04-1768
Dominguez Index requested by viceroy Pacheco y de Padilla of official documents dealing with Provincias Internas from 1636-1793. 00-00-1636
Dominguez Inventory of maintenance costs to be covered by real hacienda for barge servicing San Diego. 12-31-1802
Dominguez Expediente concerning construction of ship for use by San Diego presidio 12-10-1801
Dominguez Pension settlement of Sebastian Barcelo 02-22-1797
Dominguez Settlement of estate of Ignacio Oliden 03-23-1798
Dominguez Correspondence between officials at Saltillo and viceroy concerning escape of Indian prisoners 06-26-1773
Dominguez Official correspondence of Oca with viceroy and others 05-06-1769
Dominguez Transition of government in the Californias 04-01-1822
Dominguez Informe about attack of Apaches to Xemes and other pueblos. 06-23-1709
Dominguez Letter of governor Fayni to viceroy Bucareli with related letter of Dominguez and Quipo de Lana(?) 04-16-1773
Dominguez Letter of viceroy Bucareli to governor Fayni 06-29-1774
Dominguez 2 letter of governor Fayni to viceroy Bucareli 06-16-1774
Dominguez Letter of governor Fayni to viceroy Bucareli and draft response 12-10-1774
Dominguez Correspondence between Fueros, Texeda, and other government officials concerning marriage of Barry with Paliza. 05-01-1760
Dominguez Nava's correspondence re: invalids; Nava's request for Mariscal de Campo poistion; civil administration. 00-00-1753
Dominguez Nava's correspondence re: invalids; Nava's request for Mariscal de Campo poistion; civil administration. 00-00-1753
Dominguez Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 08-22-1776
Dominguez Detailed cuentas of expenses from Janos for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 08-31-1788
Dominguez Accounts and receipts for food and other gift goods given to comanches in Nuevo Mexico. 01-26-1787
Dominguez Collection of autos and testimonios related to economic crisis of Chihuahua City (directed to viceroy?) 10-19-1739
Dominguez Correspondence list. papel instructivo from the viceroy to Croix. 03-00-1777
Dominguez Minutes of viceroy Bucareli requesting documents about Provincias Internas. 00-00-1737
Dominguez Correspondence regarding military and civil affairs within Provincias Internas. 07-08-1777
Dominguez Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703
Dominguez Various documents relating to issues within Provincias Internas 07-17-1778
Dominguez Series of letters between Ugarte y Loyola and virreynato concerning various military and financial matters. 03-17-1786
Dominguez Correspondence between Ugarte and Flores concerning military officials appointments. 00-00-1789
Dominguez Index of the expedientes and documents delivered to brigadier Croix. 03-31-1777
Dominguez Letter from Arredondo to viceroy requesting recompense for battle fought by company three years previous. 01-31-1799
Dominguez Oficios from Cordero and others to virrey concerning Cordero's re-assignment of governorship. 02-08-1779
Dominguez Series of petitions for military retirements due to battle injuries. 08-10-1814
Dominguez Budgets and details of repairs needed to buildings of the real sala del crimen in Mexico. Repairs to casa del mayorazgo in Puebla. 11-19-1790
Dominguez Administrative correspondence between virrey(?) and lasaga for 1783. 01-10-1783
Dominguez Series of documents concerning military organization to counterattack Indians who have been successful in destroying Spaniards'... 08-20-1788
Dominguez Letters between Diaz de Ortega, Flores, and various military personnel describing Indian hostilities; proposing solutions. 10-17-1787
Dominguez Correspondence between Plo, viceroy, and other officials concerning Indian raids in several districts in July. 07-27-1790
Dominguez Correspondence between Diaz, viceroy, and other officials concerning Indian raids during September. 09-00-1790
Dominguez con fecha 31 de julio ultimo, y 6 del corriente he dado dos certificaciones contra las caxas reales de esta capital de cantidad de 31,892... 08-07-1788
Dominguez con esta fecha, e librado contra las reales caxas de esa ciudad seis mil quinientos cincuenta y dos pesos, a favor de don Severino de... 08-29-1788