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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Elguezabal Correspondence about attack on Cerro Prieto; murder charge against soldier. 06-20-1768
Elguezabal Report of troop strength at Agua Verde 06-17-1791
Elguezabal Letter from auditor de Guerra to virrey reviewing charges of insubordination leveled against Emparan by Castro. 02-27-1792
Elguezabal Letters between Castro and Emparan concerning selection of secretary to handle criminal case against Menchaca. 07-13-1791
Elguezabal Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola to king. Three letters to Ugarte y Loyola describing situation of Apaches de paz in Bacoachi and others elsewhere. 04-16-1787
Elguezabal Series of documents concerning appointment of Llano as auditor de guerra by Arredondo, and solicitations from Espinosa, Munguia, and... 02-05-1814
Elguezabal Service records of oficiales, sargentos y cadete from compania veterana de Lampazos. 08-19-1799
Elguezabal Correspondence between Arredondo, Lopez, and Adam concerning Indian hostilities in Coahuila. 02-17-1816
Elguezabal Diarios of Coahuila commanders in O'Conor's general campaign of 1775/1776 03-09-1775
Elguezabal Correspondence between Conde de la Sierra Gorda and Diaz de Bustamante concerning mescalero raids on presidio of Laredo. 07-24-1795
Elguezabal Correspondence from various officials to viceroy regarding military issues in Provincias Internas. 04-23-1788
Elguezabal Peace with mescaleros. 12-13-1787
Elguezabal Correspondence between Rengel and virrey regarding series of military transfers and relief of posts, problems with rebels. 09-01-1785
Elguezabal Peace with mescalero Apaches, and violation of that peace by tropas de Coahuila. 02-12-1787
Elguezabal Ugarte y Loyola submits detailed informe regarding criminals accused of treason and means to contain rebellious Indian nations. 07-27-1785
Elguezabal Correspondence between Lopez and Elguezabal concerning campaign against lipanes. 03-10-1816
Elguezabal Letters from Arredondo to virrey concerning capture of Indian horse thieves and petition for protection of Texas coast from rebels. 03-06-1816
Elguezabal Documents concerning tensions between Spanish and americans on Louisiana-Texas frontier. 05-23-1805
Elguezabal Correspondence of Ugarte and viceroy concerning promotions of presidial officers and other administrative positions. 06-01-1787
Elguezabal Correspondence from Loyola to viceroy for the month of May 1778 with other correspondence from previous years regarding issues raised by... 12-00-1784
Elguezabal Correspondence between listed authors re: Apaches in Nueva Vizcaya. 02-24-1788
Elguezabal Correspondence between Ugarte y Loyola and virrey Florez re: peace with mescalero. 09-39-1787
Elguezabal Documents relating to Indian depredations within Provincias Internas. 11-11-1777
Elguezabal Series of letters concerning deposition to be made by Valdes. 05-00-1791