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Person Last Name Document title Date
Equeracapa Nava's correspondence re: military appointments; paymaster bankruptcies; Concha's return to Mexico for medical care. 07-13-1789
Equeracapa Expediente concerning funds for pacification of indians 02-20-1779
Equeracapa Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 03-09-1786
Equeracapa Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 11-00-1786
Equeracapa Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian pacification in Nuevo Mexico 07-06-1789
Equeracapa Letters between Rengel, Flores and Ugarte y Loyola concerning Indian hostilities, details of general campaign in 1787-1788. 09-04-1787
Equeracapa Gubernatorial correspondence between the governor of New Mexico and the viceroy Revilla Gigedo concerning military actions and operations... 04-14-1792
Equeracapa Military administrative correspondence dealing with military actions against Indians and other Indian affairs. 01-24-1793
Equeracapa Concerns summary of military actions and hostilities occurring west Provincias Internas. Also other military incursions against Indian... 01-27-1793
Equeracapa Letters concerning interaction with friendly Indians of Nuevo Mexico, Sonora, and Nueva Vizcaya. 16-24-1789
Equeracapa Letters concerning Ugarte y Loyola's plan for establishing peace with Indians. 11-15-1789
Equeracapa Correspondence re: peace with Apaches. 06-13-1789
Equeracapa Accounts and receipts of food rations to the Indians in New Mexico. 00-00-1790
Equeracapa Provincias Internas indice del numero 224 11-06-1790
Equeracapa numero 119. Excelentisimo senor. En consecuencia de lo que vuestra excelencia me expresa en su oficio de 2 de este mes 03-28-1791
Equeracapa Informes of Ugarte y Loyola and Alegre in which the conditions of provincias of Nueva Viscaya, Nuevo Mexico and Sonora, including... 09-22-1776
Equeracapa Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola to Domingo Cavello. Relations with Indians of Texas and New Mexico. 09-31-1786
Equeracapa Domingo Cabello to Juan Baptista de Anza. Arrangements for Vial's trip to Santa Fe and celebration of peace with comanches. 10-03-1786