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Fages Proceedings against Pena for murder of Indians and eventual proof of innocence. 06-28-1786
Fages Sumaria informacion practicada por el gobernador de California sobre la indirecta acusacion de tres yndios de la mision de Santa Clara... 04-30-1786
Fages Ano de 1792 sumaria formada contra el Alferez del presidio de San Francisco don Ramon Lasso de la Vega por quiebra en los interes de la... 12-23-1786
Fages Letter from Arrillaga to Viceroy(?) concerning request for iron for presidios of peninsula of California. 11-17-1794
Fages Letter from Fages, Lucero, Ortega to Viceroy concerning granting of status of disabled to ex-soldier from Loreto, in order to devote... 10-18-1793
Fages El comandante general de Provincias Internas de poniente con carta numero... 10-15-1791
Fages Notes on correspondence concerning missionaries in California and Nuevo Mexico from 1785-1802. 12-05-1785
Fages Documents re: to debt of Fages to San Diego presido. 10-27-1793
Fages Orders to soldier not to spend night outdoors in California. 09-07-1782
Fages Documents regarding insanity of Leon Parrilla and his inability to serve post. 12-13-1793
Fages Correspondence of Hijosa to viceroy Bucareli for January - February 1777. 00-00-1775
Fages Criminals sentenced to Alta California 03-03-1796
Fages Shipment of armaments to presidios of Monterrey and San Francisco 06-24-1791
Fages [untitled] 04-03-1773
Fages Explorations of fray Garces of Gila and Colorado rivers 04-27-1774
Fages Nava's correspondence re: pensions; military and civil personnel' military appointments; civil administration. 07-01-1772
Fages Nava's correspondence re: Grimarest's illness; Fourth company paymaster request for funds; military retirement and invalids. 06-04-1789
Fages [untitled] 05-21-1770
Fages Various letters from gobernador, viceroy and other officers from Sinaloa and Sonora. 06-20-1769
Fages Correspondence list. papel instructivo from the viceroy to Croix. 03-00-1777
Fages Administrative correspondence between viceroy and Croix. 07-24-1779
Fages Correspondence between several government officials and the viceroy, concerning military administration. 09-15-1779
Fages Administrative correspondence between viceroy and government officials. 10-20-1779
Fages Correspondence from various officials to viceroy 08-20-1776
Fages Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703
Fages Various documents relating to issues within Provincias Internas 07-17-1778
Fages Correspondence to Rengel from real audencia gobernadora concerning various administrative matters. 04-09-1785
Fages Correspondence between Rengel and real audencia gobernadora concerning various administrative and financial matters. 05-06-1785
Fages Correspondence between Virreynato and Rengel concerning certain financial, military and territorial matters. 10-12-1785
Fages Series of letters between Ugarte y Loyola and virreynato concerning various military and financial matters. 03-17-1786
Fages Military, fiscal and administrative correspondence of comandante general Croix, primarily with viceroy, for 1782. 08-19-1773
Fages Correspondence of Croix concerning fiscal, military and administrative matters of the Provincias Internas, January - May, 1783. 05-03-1768
Fages Cavallero de Croix's correspondence re: compania franca de Voluntarios. 02-06-1780
Fages Correspondence between Croiz and Mayorga re: military personnel and treasuries of Chihuahua and Alamos. 00-00-1778
Fages Correspondence between Mayorga and Croix re: military service records, Alamos treasury and military recruitment and rights to produce... 00-00-1730
Fages Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: administrative matters of receipt of documents, military personnel, and Moncada trip to... 02-06-1780
Fages Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: receipt of correspondence; personnel; funds for missionaries; transport to Californias;... 10-27-1773
Fages Letters on military activity in Sonora, Tepic and California. 01-12-1771
Fages Letters from Callis to viceroy on pay and supply expenses. 12-30-1770
Fages Letters between Ugarte and viceroy concerning military appointments, and retirement permits. 06-05-1789
Fages Letters from comandante general to viceroy concerning military personnel. 10-00-1781
Fages Correspondence from Loyola to viceroy during July 1788 regarding issues within Provincias Internas de Poniente with previous documents. 09-28-1787
Fages Correspondence with comandante general of Provincias Internas Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola in the year of 1787. 01-02-1787
Fages Accusation by Callis that husband Fages is adulterer with Yuma Indian. 04-12-1786
Fages Fages discusses peninsular rule that citizens must register and brand their livestock. 10-25-1781
Fages Investigation by Arguello of Castaneda, accused of assaulting San Buenaventura's head of escort. 10-07-1778
Fages Investigations made by Goicoechea into four soldiers' desertion from Santa Barbara. 12-10-1784
Fages Investigations made by Goicoechea into four soldiers' desertion from Santa Barbara. 12-10-1784
Fages Criminal case against Yepes for having wounded a cabin boy on frigate favorita. 08-02-1783
Fages Case against Tapia and Arbizo for having caused drowning death of gentile Indian. 10-13-1783