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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Francisca Weekly rolls of Bacoachi Apaches, their rations. 12-01-1786
Francisca Letters from Garcia for virrey informing him about the advances in the negotiations with the Apaches. 11-22-1819
Francisca Joseph Antonio Rengel to Domingo Cabello. Settlement of estates of military men who died away from home. 05-14-1785
Francisca Juan Paez Hurtado (general/alcalde). Testimony against Antonia Luxan, suspected of being a witch. 07-02-1715
Francisca Ruiz de Apodaca y Eliza, Juan. Announcement of marriage of Carlos to dona Maria de Francisca de Asis. 10-17-1816
Francisca . List of circular letters sent to alcaldes. 01-11-1817
Francisca List of Bacoachi Apaches, their rations per week for 1791. 01-02-1791
Francisca Anza, Juan Baptista (gobernador). Proceedings of review and execution of death penalty against two Indian women of Cochiti who murdered an... 10-14-1775
Francisca Pleitos, autos, testamentarios sobre bienes y pesos. 05-20-1652
Francisca Documents concerning capture, reduccion of Apaches. 11-24-1788
Francisca Third notebook of charges and ect. concerning Josef Carlos Rubalcaba who named himself king of Nueva Viscaya 10-18-1771
Francisca Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Proceedings of criminal case against two Indian women, a mother and her daughter, for murdering... 04-22-1773
Francisca Various documents relating to issues within Provincias Internas 07-17-1778
Francisca Prospero Ignacio de Alvarado. Venta de esclava. 06-10-1761
Francisca Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703