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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Gregori Documents concerning financial support of colonial officials wife. 12-00-1780
Gregori Series of documents concerning military administration and finances. 12-18-1776
Gregori Administrative correspondence between the viceroy and the commander of Provincias Internas, Teodoro de Croix. 1779 02-01-1779
Gregori Correspondence between several government officials and the viceroy, concerning military administration. 09-15-1779
Gregori Correspondence pertaining to military and civilian appointments and tax revenues in Provincias Internas. 05-18-1777
Gregori Correspondence regarding military and civil affairs within Provincias Internas. 07-08-1777
Gregori Administrative correspondence of Provincias Internas between Croix and virrey Mayorga. 05-14-1782
Gregori Cavallero de Croix's correspondence with virrey re: civil administration of bandos, personnel recommendations, request for documents. 04-22-1779
Gregori Correspondence between Croiz and Mayorga re: military personnel and treasuries of Chihuahua and Alamos. 00-00-1778
Gregori Correspondence between Mayorga and Croix re: military service records, Alamos treasury and military recruitment and rights to produce... 00-00-1730
Gregori Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: administrative matters of receipt of documents, military personnel, and Moncada trip to... 02-06-1780
Gregori Croix's correspondence re: military personnel; fiscal affairs in Chihuahua and funds for California arms; and Alamos treasury... 04-02-1781
Gregori Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: receipt of correspondence; personnel; funds for missionaries; transport to Californias;... 10-27-1773
Gregori Letters from Molina and Munos requesting that their wives be allowed to join them; accompanying letter from commanding officer. 01-10-1781
Gregori Correspondence re: Gregori's request for money; includes list of salaries and expenditures. 04-04-1781
Gregori Instructions to Gregori and discussion of finances. 03-07-1780
Gregori Indice de los expedientes de Nueva Vizcaya de los anos de 1709-1792. 00-00-1709