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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Guadalupe Jose Manrrique (gobernador). Draft of note to comandante general forwarding specifics of case against two Indians of San Lorenzo de... 10-12-1808
Guadalupe Domingo Cabello to Phelipe de Neve. Discussion of procurement of canoes for campaign against carancaguas. 03-01-1784
Guadalupe . Communication regarding two Indian prisoners. 03-06-1810
Guadalupe Accounts of expenditures for Bacoachi Apaches. 02-28-1791
Guadalupe Letter to viceroy about plans to christianise Apaches by fray Guadalupe. 06-27-1743
Guadalupe Testimonio compiled by Escandon detailing population structure, herd counts of Spanish in San Fernando 1752-3. 01-11-1751
Guadalupe Cuentas from Janos for supplies to Apaches de paz y prisioneros, chiricaguis de paz and chiricaguis auxiliares. 08-31-1788
Guadalupe Detailed cuentas of expenses from Janos for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 08-31-1788
Guadalupe Ansa, Juan Baptista de. Criminal charge against Josef Antonio Manujo for assaulting a woman. 12-05-1785
Guadalupe Joseph Saenz Moreno. Contra Joseph Sapiain por tener una ilicita amistad. 14-92-N.D.
Guadalupe Service records for soldiers of the compania de Pimas de Tubac. 12-31-1817
Guadalupe Incomplete letter about different officials advising viceroy on Sandovals' experience. 10-01-1743
Guadalupe Letter from Ugarte to viceroy informing having received baptismal document of Apache that died afterwards. 04-04-1789
Guadalupe Letter from unknown to Ugarte concerning baptism of Apache Indian a few days before his death. 03-10-1789
Guadalupe Imprisonment of Joseph Antonio Charles for desertion 05-19-1801
Guadalupe Letters from Cancio to viceroy concerning presidial affairs and campaigns against indians 01-16-1762