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Person Last Name Document title Date
Jaramillo Letters between Ugarte and Flores concerning pension for soldier's widows. 01-05-1789
Jaramillo quaderno de rayas de labradores de esta hacienda de San Francisco Xavier de la Baya 04-01-1803
Jaramillo Diego Padilla (fray) to Pedro Rodriguez Cubero (gobernador y capitan general). Petition seeking justice for theft of livestock from Tesuque... 01-09-1699
Jaramillo Lujan, Phelix. Suit: Lujan is charged with the mistreatment of his wife. 07-14-1713
Jaramillo . Fragment of notices from Alburquerque of publication of a cedula dealing with unknown topic. 08-09-1713
Jaramillo Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignacio. Council of war; deliberations on strategy; lists of names of soldiers and other residents (including natives... 08-09-1714
Jaramillo Antonio de Balverde Cossio (gobernador). Criminal case against Pedro Atensio Lopez; Joseph Gonzalez and Pedro Lopez for assault upon... 07-27-1719
Jaramillo Naranjo, Joseph. Criminal case against Joseph Naranjo for wounding Lorenzo Jaramillo. 09-01-1731
Jaramillo Naranjo, Joseph. Criminal case against Joseph Naranjo for wounding Lorenzo Jaramillo. 09-01-1731
Jaramillo Sanches, Ysidro. Criminal proceedings against Ysidro Sanches for assault against Lorenzo Trujillo. 09-28-1732
Jaramillo Gomes, Joseph/Jaramillo, Roque/Valdes, Rosalia to Garsia, Juan Estevan (alcalde mayor de Santa Cruz). Complaint of residents of el paraje... 04-11-1736
Jaramillo Domingo Lujan Querella de soldado Domingo Lujan contra el o soldado Cristoval Jaramillo. 05-18-1753
Jaramillo Discusses contract between Jaramillo and Eshasauer concerning 605 sheep payment for which is 130 sheep and 130 bellones of wool each April... 10-01-1760
Jaramillo . Vecinos and Indians of Abiquiu petition to build a bridge across the Rio Chama. Permission granted. 12-23-1784
Jaramillo Sanchez, Marcos. Testimony and autos against Marcos Sanchez for sexual assault upon Graciana Lucero and Manuela Carrillo. 08-08-1793
Jaramillo Jaramillo, Juan Eusevio. Charges against Juan Eusevio Jaramillo for assigning two genizaros to guard prisoners who escaped. 08-23-1793
Jaramillo Rodriguez, Josef Manuel. Criminal case against Josef Manuel Rodriguez for stealing cattle, mules and other goods from captain Manuel... 09-08-1793
Jaramillo Uranga, Francisco Xavier de. note to governor of New Mexico informing him that the prisoners Rodriguez and Jaramillo have arrived in El... 10-04-1793
Jaramillo Fernandes, Bartolome. Criminal case against Reyes Vigil. 07-28-1805
Jaramillo Enlistment papers of individuals in Santa Fe militia cavalry company including name, age, religion, description, parents. 09-17-1808
Jaramillo Ruiz, Manuel to Jaramillo, Cristoval. Letter encouraging contributions to war effort against the insurgents. 04-22-1815
Jaramillo Andres Lucero. Criminal case against Juachin Padilla for theft of sheep. 10-26-1818
Jaramillo Agustin Taramillo. Civil suit for debts. 03-15-1819
Jaramillo Jose Jaramillo. Receipt for sugar loaves sold to Jose Jarmillo. 10-15-1819
Jaramillo Lucero, Pablo. Report on local elections for representatives to a district electoral junta to be held at Taos and on district election. 12-03-1820
Jaramillo Jaramillo, Manuel. Receipt for supplies provided to soldiers from carrizal presidio company. 06-19-1821
Jaramillo Larranaga, Juan. Receipt for funds advanced to Santa Fee presidio soldiers serving in Chihuagua. 07-01-1821
Jaramillo . Two declarations as to the number of livestock owned by Miguel Quintana for purposes of collecting the tithe. 10-01-1821