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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Meave Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 09-23-1776
Meave Correspondence of intendente Corbalan, March 1773. 06-24-1772
Meave Letters from Corbalan to virrey concerning various issues of provincial administration. 10-13-1772
Meave Correspondence of intendente Corbalan for January - February, 1773 02-11-1772
Meave Copies of letters concerning construction of a church for Seris at el Pitic, and rebuilding another one for sibubapas at el Zuaqi 03-03-1771
Meave Correspondence of intendente Corbalan for April - June, 1773 02-22-1772
Meave Correspondence between Corbalan and virrey concerning various religious issues in Sonora. 05-04-1773
Meave Documents from Corbalan to virrey concerning administrative issues of Sonora. 04-14-1772
Meave Correspondence of Pedro Corbalan, intendente of Sonora, for January - March, 1774 03-29-1749
Meave Letters from Urrea, Anza, and Vildosola to Cruillas concerning use of gunpowder. 02-19-1761
Meave Letters from Pineda to Croix concerning Indian attacks, arrival of priest, and soldier's subsistence needs. 03-07-1768
Meave Indice de los expedientes de la provincia de Sonora de los anos 1730 a 1791 (actually 1793). 00-00-1730
Meave Para llebar a efecto el importante plan al publico para una compania de accionistas destinado al comercio, y mineria de las provincias de... 05-17-1771
Meave Miscellaneous documents concerning presidios, missions in Sonora. 02-06-1768
Meave instancia de don Ambrosio Meave sobre situado del presidio de Monterrey en el Nuevo Leon. 10-06-1754
Meave Correspondence between virrey, captains of presidios of Junta de los Rios and Janos. 02-14-1756
Meave Correspondence of intendente of Sonora for August - October 1774. 06-18-1773
Meave Letter from Corbalan to virrey concerning settlement of Tiburones at Carrizal. 12-07-1772
Meave Correspondence between virrey and Corbalan concerning Seri settlement at Pitic. 12-24-1772
Meave Reimbursed bond money to meave. Petition to governor to extend a certificate of good conduct. 07-22-1778
Meave Military, fiscal and administrative correspondence of comandante general Croix, primarily with viceroy, for 1782. 08-19-1773
Meave Letters to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal arrangements of the presidios of the Chihuahua area. 01-24-1776
Meave Request to viceroy for monies to supply military presidio commanded by Anza. 08-16-1769
Meave Correspondence between Ugarte, Arrizcorreta, and several government officials concerning payment of Ugarte's debt. 05-27-1767