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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Miera Nava's correspondence re: invalids; Nava's request for Mariscal de Campo poistion; civil administration. 00-00-1753
Miera Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 11-00-1786
Miera Account and receipt of gift goods to allied Indian nations in Nuevo Mexico. 01-01-1790
Miera [untitled] 01-01-1748
Miera Correspondence between Ugarte and viceroy in reference to government business of Provincias Internas 10-31-1788
Miera Letter from Mendinuta to O'Conor concerning establishment of route between Sonora and Nuevo Mexico. 03-20-1777
Miera Concha's diary of campaign against gilenos and response from virrey. 08-22-1788
Miera Correspondence re: military campaigns by Carrasco and Concha against Apaches. 05-07-1789
Miera Bernardo Miera y Pacheco. Memorial sobre mis servicios. N.D.
Miera Silvestre Velez de Escalante and Francisco Atanasio Dominguez. Diario y derratero de los rr.pp. Fr. Francisco Atanasio Dominguez y fr. S.... 01-00-1777
Miera Salvador Garcia de noriega. Salvador Garcia contra don Juan Garcia de la Vega. 09-24-1752
Miera Mestas, Juan Ygnacio. Diligencias seguidas a peticion del theniente de caballeria don Juan Ygnacio Mestas contra dona Barbara Baca. 01-27-1754
Miera Antonio Baca. Investigation into sale of land by Baca. 08-09-1763
Miera Nava, Pedro de to Concha, Fernando de la. Acknowledgement of report of pursuit of Apaches last year by sargeant Cleto Miera. 07-01-1790
Miera Nava, Pedro de (comandante general) to Concha, Fernando de la (gobernador). Concerning invalid soldiers and their compensation. 11-15-1790
Miera . List of soldiers of Santa Fe presidio to receive pensions including their ages and years in service. 11-28-1795
Miera Diego Martinez Arellano (fray). Suit to recover sheep from Cleto de Miera. 06-09-1801
Miera Trugillo, Jose. Criminal action against Jose Trugillo, charged with having deflowered Maria de las Nieves Miera. She did not want Trugillo... 05-16-1805
Miera Fernandez, Bartolome. Criminal action against Josef Antonio Ulibari for theft. 08-06-1805
Miera Pedro Luiz de Larramendi. List of citizens who owe foodstuffs, beans, corn, wheat, to Santa Fe company, which has already been paid for. 09-22-1809
Miera Garzia, Manuel to Manrrique, Jose. Re: transmission of legal documents. 01-26-1811
Miera Miera y Pacheco, Cleto de to Manrique, Jose. Testimony and writs in assault case. 06-07-1811
Miera . Re: petition by Indians of Cochiti. 02-03-1812
Miera . Records of the real presidio de Santa Fee. 01-18-1813
Miera Manrrique, Jose to Elias Gonzalez, Ygnacio. Re: abuses inflicted on Indians by residents and the appointment of a defender and protector of... 09-06-1813
Miera Catalog of civil & criminal cases heard in Santa Fe 1818-1824. Nature of each case & resolutions included. 08-05-1818
Miera Facundo Melgares. 04-02-1819