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Nepomuceno de Ravago Letters between Emparan, Castro, Revilla Gigedo, others concerning Castro's dislike of Emparan; administrative bibliography. 10-19-1773
Neve Correspondence between Fueros, Texeda, and other government officials concerning marriage of Barry with Paliza. 05-01-1760
Neve Expediente concerning transfer of military group from Parras to Quatrocienegas. 00-00-1693
Neve Correspondence between Croix, Gutierrez, and Mayorga concerning money spent by Ugalde. 03-06-1783
Neve Correspondence between Croix, Bustillo, Bucarely, and other government officials concerning Coahuilas' troops. 10-06-1778
Negreiros de Herrera Correspondence between Ugarte, Oconor, Areche and other government officials concerning salary raise for Ugarte. 09-10-1772
Neve Letters from Gutierrez de la Riva and others to virrey concerning employment petitions. 04-17-1783
Negrete y de la Torre Letters from Nava to virrey from December 1792 to December 1790. 12-04-1792
Neve Nava's correspondence re: military appointments; invalids and retirements; vandos. 02-27-1791
Neve Nava's correspondence re: Alferez appointments in Bautista, and discussion of creation of ayudante inspector posts. 06-00-1778
Negrete y de la Torre Correspondence between Nava, Conde del Campo de Alange, and virrey concerning diverse military, fiscal, and administrative affairs. 07-16-1793
Neve Military service records of Merino and series of recommendations from high officials that he receive promotion and pay increase; handled by... 07-15-1782
Neve Providencias para admitir de paz a los Apaches lipanes en Nuevo Santander. 12-12-1782
Neve Informe and letter from Cabello to virrey Galbes re: concession of peace to Lipanes. 00-00-1630
Neve Expediente sobre las muertes y robos que executan los indios de la sierra de Tamaulipa y pazes que piden los de la nacion villegas 06-09-1781
Negreiros Letters between various officials concerning Indian depredations in Nuevo Mexico. 09-30-1774
Neveximicante Relacion and informes concerning pacification of comanches and yutas. 02-20-1779
Neve Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 11-00-1786
Neve Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 08-27-1785
Neve Testimonial report assembled by governor of Durango on vagrant and idle Indians of Nueva Vizcaya and Sonora 10-31-1746
Neyra Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 06-26-1776
Neyra Letters to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal arrangements of the presidios of the Chihuahua area. 01-24-1776
Neyra Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 07-15-1776
Neira Letters and accounts to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal management of the presidios around Chihuahua. 01-22-1777
Neve Index of expedientes and other documents directed to Croix. 00-00-0000
Neve Administrative correspondence between viceroy and government officials. 10-20-1779
Neve Minutes of viceroy Bucareli requesting documents about Provincias Internas. 00-00-1737
Neve Oficios del comandante general de Provincias Internas y respuestas del virrey 04-08-1777
Neve Documents relating to petition by Croix for extra military personnel. 08-22-1777
Neve Documents relating to military and civilian appointments, retirements, Indian attacks within Provincias Internas 05-13-1777
Neve Correspondence between viceroy and Croix in reference to various issues within Provincias Internas. 07-31-1777
Neve Correspondence from various officials to viceroy 08-20-1776
Neve Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703
Neve Various documents relating to issues within Provincias Internas 07-17-1778
Neve Informe to Florez (virrey) re: state of provincias. 12-10-1787
Neve Correspondence between Ugarte y Loyola and virrey Florez re: peace with mescalero. 09-39-1787
Neve Informe to king describing establishment, development and current problems in Provincias Internas. 05-08-1789
Neve Letter to virrey from Ugarte in response to virrey's order to divide comandancia general. 12-24-1787
Neve Compilation of reales titulos by Ugarte concerning history and development of comandancia general. 06-15-1776
Neve Correspondence regarding division of comandancia general in provincias 01-06-1788
Neve Correspondence between Neve, Rengel and viceroy regarding funding for Rengel's costly trip to internal provinces to take post as... 03-23-1784
Neve Neve writes to virrey Matias de Galvez concerning need for arms in Coaquila and Nuevo Leon. 06-08-1784
Neve Notice to Neve that Plo y Alduan has been named contador de las cajas de Durango instead of Diaz de Salcedo. 06-16-1784
Neve Notice to Neve that Ugarte y Loyola will receive libramiento of one thousand pesos and is being transferred to capital. 06-17-1784
Neve Letters to virrey and comandante general requesting military support in Nuevo Santander due to Indian uprisings. 07-04-1784
Neve Correspondence from Neve to virrey that Echeagaray and Cordero have been promoted to captain 07-29-1784
Neve Correspondence between Virrey(?) and Neve concerning finances and commerce. 08-10-1784
Neve Twenty four copies of regulation naming Bentura as director of Montepio sent to Neve. 09-16-1784
Neve Correspondence between Rengel, others, and virrey concerning death of Neve; resolution by virrey to use official seal on certain documents... 09-22-1784
Neve Correspondence between Rengel and virrey concerning wars with Indians. 10-23-1784