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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
O Reports of events on frontier from Munoz. 12-20-1775
O Detailed cuentas of expenses from Janos for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 08-31-1788
O Letters and accounts to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal management of the presidios around Chihuahua. 05-19-1777
O Correspondence between Galvez and virrey on 1771 expeditions in Nueva Vizcaya, Sonora and Chihuahua. 06-08-1771
O 2 cedulas de imbalidos 07-02-1817
O O'conor submits recommendations for commanders of his expeditionary force in Chihuahua 05-26-1772
O Juana de Aldea Linda. Civil- libertad de esclava. 07-07-1660
O Instructions to Gregori and discussion of finances. 03-07-1780
O Folio 273 at the bottom: Diario. Hasienda del ojocaliente y marzo 1. de 1773. Next page: Don Manuel Munoz servicio que han hecho 03-01-1773
O Letter of introduction and diario of recent campaign (12/20/ 1771-02/18/1772) submitted to viceroy Bucareli 02-18-1772
O Collar of Apaches transported to Mexico City. 01-20-1783
O Lopez, Damaso. Civil suit to recover debts totaling about 12,000 pesos. 06-17-1820
O Correspondence re: Gregori's request for money; includes list of salaries and expenditures. 04-04-1781
O Letter and related table on Galvez command submitted to Bucareli 02-18-1772
O Documents relating to the nuevo reglamento of 1772 03-09-1773
O Correspondence of governor Fayni and viceroy Bucareli with related testimony by Riba 07-23-1775
O San Vicente to Bucareli. expediente concerning military operations against Apaches in Chihuahua. 00-00-1772