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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Ponce Letters from Lacomba/Cossio to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting la tercera compania Volante de la colonia del Nuevo... 06-30-1789
Ponce Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703
Ponce Comandante Antonio Bacaro. Relacion de los padres Jesuitas que lleva la fragata nombrada la flora. UR-A -N.D.
Ponce Lopez requests lands and describes area for establishment of Horcasitas mission for palalhueque reduccion. 04-29-1775
Ponce Correspondence to viceroy Bucareli from Hijosa, comisario de San Blas, on administrative and naval matters for March - April, 1777. 02-19-1776
Ponce Autos de guerra practicados por Alferez Juan Baptista de Escalante de los indios rebelados. 05-00-1699
Ponce Report by Arvizu on payments to soldiers of the presidio of Tucson as per the royal decree of April 20, 1815. 12-31-1817
Ponce en real orden de 10 de noviembre ultimo dispuso senor magistad la aplication de don Carlos Justiniani . . . . 03-14-1795
Ponce Documents relating to various issues within prov. internas. 05-03-1703
Ponce Series of testimonies by Spanish subjects detained for traveling to U.S. without approval from gobernador. 11-24-1819
Ponce Varios. Testimonio de la consulta del gobierno de la Nueva Vizcaya en que informa el estado de los presidios de aquella governacion y... 04-00-1749
Ponce Montes, Rafael. Report of ceremony proclaiming fidelity to king Ferdinand VII. 10-15-1815
Ponce Series of testimonies by americans caught trading with Indians for horses in Texas. 11-24-1818
Ponce Letters from Bochat, Vaamonde and others to virrey concerning Bochat's employment. 02-28-1794
Ponce Ripperda's letters concerning prisoner and Indian depredations. 01-21-1769
Ponce Detailed cuentas of expenses from Chihuahua for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 06-25-1791
Ponce Documents concerning plans by Gonzalez del Castillo to increase productivity of haciendas owned by Fondo Piadoso. 09-23-1803