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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Rael Truxillo, Maricio. Proceedings in charges for theft of cattle, Truxillo has to pay six pesos/month to Ortiz to stay out of prison. 06-20-1765
Rael Ortiz, Theodora. A law suit over an inheritance and possession of cattle. 06-03-1782
Rael . Certification of a bando which is not extant. 04-20-1784
Rael Romero, Domingo. Civil action taken to recover a son released-ransomed from the comanches, and who was claimed by another man. 08-22-1787
Rael Juaguin Mariano Pisio-to-Jose Maria de Arse. Receipt of letter. 03-06-1819
Rael Rafael Tapia. Report on arms stored in an unspecified warehouse (Santa Fe presidio)(?). 08-23-1819
Rael Ortiz, Theodora. A law suit over an inheritance and possession of cattle. 06-03-1782
Rael Juan del Pino. Demanda criminal de pedimiento de don Juan del Pino mercader. 12-24-1746
Rael Gonsales Bas, Juan (alcalde mayor). Denouncement by capitan Alfonso Rael and Joseph de Reano of Melchor Truxillo for practicing witchcraft. 02-11-1733
Rael Maria de la Candelaria. Depedimiento de Maria Candelaria vezina de la jurisdicion de la ysleta contra Domingo de Lurta. 05-28-1748
Rael Torres, Nicolas. Torres initiates proceedings to recover property from his step mother Rafaela Baca. 10-16-1765
Rael Josef Antonio Rivera. Military discharge report on Josef Antonio Rivera. 10-28-1790
Rael Luan, Catharina/Rosa, Catharina/Pumazho, Anguellina. Women accused of witchcraft. 05-13-1708
Rael Pereyro, Jose Benito. Criminal action taken against sandia Indian, San Juan, charged with having stolen church statues and altar equipment... 05-04-1805
Rael Ansa, Juan Baptista de. Bando concerning the evasion of law-suits. 10-25-1777
Rael Trujillo, Pablo. Attempt to recover mule; traces path mule took and order for payment of mule. 09-27-1766
Rael Padilla, Pedro. Padilla petitions return of mule by Rael. 10-31-1765
Rael Rael, Marcial to Gonsales Bas, Juan (alcalde mayor). Marcial Rael vs. Salvador Martinez for abuse of his mother. 10-23-1733
Rael Facundo Melgares. Report on soldiers from the Santa Fe presidio company eligible for service premiums. 05-04-1819
Rael . List of soldiers of Santa Fe presidio to receive pensions including their ages and years in service. 11-28-1795
Rael Ansa, Juan Baptista de. Bando concerning family relationships and marriage. 04-21-1784
Rael Ansa, Juan Baptista de. Transmission of a bando prohibiting travel without written permission. 12-10-1783
Rael Antonio Baldes, Thomas Madrid, Juan de Benavides Nicolas Rael. Testimony taken and sent to the viceroy concerning sedition. 09-00-1756
Rael Court martial of a corporal and others for negligence. 06-18-1742
Rael Martines de Sandoval, Miguel to Arias de Quiros, Diego (alcalde mayor). demanda de Miguel Martines de Sandoval vecino de la villa de Santa... 00-00-1728
Rael Bueno de Bohorques, Francisco Joseph. Power of attorney of soldiers for the collection of their pay. 05-16-1714
Rael Granillo, Luis. Testimony of the murder of fray Francisco Jesus. 06-12-1696