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Reano Indice 9o de los expidientes con que el sargento Valentin Moreno remite al senor comandante general de las Provincias Internas brigadier... N.D.
Reano Nava's correspondence re: military and religious appointments; military salaries and pensions; military administration. 01-19-1791
Reano Correspondence between Nava and Revilla Gigedo re: military appointements; relaying of orders; funds used in transport 12-27-1790
Reano Detailed cuentas of expenses from Chihuahua for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 06-25-1791
Reano Cuentas and related correspondence for pacified and imprisoned Apaches from Principe, Carrizal, Janos, San Buenaventura, Namiquipa, and... 12-15-1791
Reano Correspondence from Loyola to viceroy for the month of May 1778 with other correspondence from previous years regarding issues raised by... 12-00-1784
Reano Concerning Portau's election to 'govierno' and 'intendencia' of Durango. 05-13-1791
Reano Series of documents regarding will of Neve and carrying out requests in will, liquidating assets, and inventories. 10-06-1774
Reano Mascarenas, Francisco. Proceedings in suit against Francisco Mascarenas by Joseph de Reano in behalf of minor Juan Mascarenas. 01-17-1717
Reano Gonsales Bas, Juan (alcalde mayor). Denouncement by capitan Alfonso Rael and Joseph de Reano of Melchor Truxillo for practicing witchcraft. 02-11-1733
Reano Maria Roibal. Poder otogardo, varios, y testimonios. 11-04-1743
Reano Maria de Roibal and Joseph de Riano. Poder que ostorgaron dona Maria de Riobal y su hijo don Joseph Riano a don Juan Joseph Moreno. 11-15-1747
Reano Ana Maria Ortis. Proceedings concerning settlement of husband's estate. 07-29-1762
Reano Barbara Garzia. Proceedings to recover animal and other debts owed to the deceased husband of Barbara Garzia. 11-08-1762
Reano Barbara Garzia Jusado. Attempt to collect debts owed estate of her deceased husband. 02-04-1763
Reano Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo to Concha, Fernando de la. Answer to de la Concha's letter concerning the petitions of two citizens. 02-14-1790
Reano Juan Lujan claims against estate of Melchor Chavarria by Juan Lujan and others granted by alcalde mayor Ygnacio Sanchez Vergara. 09-15-1809