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Rubi Indice de los autos que en virtud de superior decreto del eximo... 00-00-1720
Rubi Melchor falamantes. Plan to determine western limits of the province of louisiana and Texas. 03-26-1807
Rubi Letter from Pasqua to viceroy reporting on situations of thirteen missions of Nueva California; missionaries from college of San Fernando... 04-28-1788
Rubi Letter from Pallou, guardian of San Francisco college, to fiscal de lo civil concerning irregularities of new missionaries transferred to... 10-16-1686
Rubi Reply to Bucareli on new rules of consolidation of presidios in Texas. 05-08-1773
Rubi Letters from Rodriguez to viceroy concerning presidial affairs 12-03-1755
Rubi Administrative papers from captain of San Juan Bautista 11-29-1767
Rubi Letters from Alderete to viceroy about affairs at Santa Rosa presidio 01-15-1764
Rubi Correspondence between Rodriguez and viceroy and other officials about Indian depredations 03-17-1768
Rubi Letter to viceroy and Diary recounting activities at Sacramento presidio 01-20-1768
Rubi Letter about moving presidios to new areas 05-27-1776
Rubi Comunicaciones relativas al gobierno provincial de Coahuila. Anos de 1766 y 1767. Gobernador Barrios. 01-15-1766
Rubi Crespo report on history and current status of provincias 11-15-1783
Rubi Letter of governor Fayni to viceroy Bucareli and draft responses 10-04-1773
Rubi Letters between Pineda and Croix concerning Indian attacks, preparations for incoming troops, and Jesuit expulsions. 04-12-1767
Rubi Letter from Cancio to viceroy regarding inspection of port of Guaymas carried with governor Pineda. 04-20-1767
Rubi Letters from Cancio to viceroy regarding military appointments and lack of capital to mantain presidio. 11-22-1765
Rubi Letters to viceroy with rosters, inventories from fronteras. 03-15-1766
Rubi Letter from de Anza to viceroy in regard to visit by Rubi. 12-15-1767
Rubi Correspondence from Gonzales to viceroy concerning visit of military inspector Marquez de Rubi. 11-21-1767
Rubi Correspondence between Bucareli, Ugarte, Oconor, and others concerning relocation of presidios. 00-00-1750
Rubi Providencias para admitir de paz a los Apaches lipanes en Nuevo Santander. 12-12-1782
Rubi Correspondence re: relations with Apaches and various naciones del norte. 12-09-1777
Rubi Letters and notes passed between Fayni and Bucareli on Indian crisis 02-03-1772
Rubi Index of documents given to general commander of Provincias Internas, Teodoro de Croix. April 8, 1777. 04-08-1777
Rubi List of autos referring to various issues within Provincias Internas. 05-02-1703
Rubi Croix's correspondence re: administrative matters, mailing of documents and lists of documents received. 10-06-1771
Rubi Administrative correspondence 1771-1773. 02-10-1771
Rubi Series of documents relating to transfer of destacamento de Voluntarios de Cataluna to presidio of Mesa del Tonati. 03-17-1773
Rubi Documents relating to complaints by Navarro that Nayarit cannot afford to pay for office of justicia mayor. 01-10-1783
Rubi Correspondence of governor Crespo, Lumbreras, Carpio 02-12-1774
Rubi Letter of padre Diaz to viceroy Bucareli. 03-21-1775
Rubi O'conor's informe on condition of interior provinces 01-30-1776
Rubi Petitions to cancel a fine. 00-00-0000
Rubi Correspondence between virrey and diputados de Mineria y Alcabalas de Chihuahua. 05-04-1765
Rubi Letter from Rubi to virrey re: deplorable state of affiars in Nueva Vizcaya. 07-05-1766
Rubi Letters from Gomez de la Torre to virrey re: payments to soldiers, Rubi's inspection of San Buenaventura. 08-20-1767
Rubi Correspondence between Fuente, virrey re: administration of presidio of Paso del norte, other issues. 12-09-1764
Rubi Correspondence between Villaverde, virrey re: routine issues of administration of presidio of Cerro Gordo. 06-15-1767
Rubi Routine administrative correspondence between Bustamante, captain of presidio of Guajoquilla, and virrey. 01-01-1761
Rubi Routine correspondence between Vargas, captain of presidio of Pasaje, and virrey. 05-29-1763
Rubi Correspondence with Cuellar for months of January and February 1768. 01-05-1768
Rubi Correspondence between Bucareli and Cazorla in 1773. 01-15-1773
Rubi Ripperda's correspondence re: new regulations, redisio and mission abandonment and peace with Indians. 03-30-1773
Rubi Diary submitted to virrey re: troop movements and Indian hostilities. 02-07-1767
Rubi Military roll submitted by Barrio. 05-09-1767
Rubi Letter from Barrio to virrey re: receipt of superior order. 01-08-1768
Rubi Index of preceding letters (?). 00-00-0000
Rubi Letter from Cachupin to virrey Cruillas including military roll of cavalleria, libretas de vita y moribus of Madrid and Esquibel review of... 01-02-1766
Rubi Report of Cachupin's visita of El Paso wherein he suggests presidio be moved to Robledo; related letters. 10-24-1766