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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Saavedra Correspondence re: granting of salary for criados employed on various expeditions. 07-23-1789
Saavedra Documents investigating reported abuses against the poor by owners, shopkeepers and in the mines in the region of Pachuca. 10-03-1791
Saavedra Letters concerning administrative promotions, and payment demands. 06-28-1796
Saavedra testimonio de las deligensias practicadas contra don Joseph de Taramona como adentro se expresa. 06-21-1767
Saavedra Zeballos' petitions for employment as armero at San Blas. 02-07-1791
Saavedra Letters concerning maritime transportation of food, medicines and wood. 11-02-1787
Saavedra Letters and documents about retirement of head of carpenters of port of San Blas. 11-07-1772
Saavedra Padre Bartolome Braun to padre Isidro Saavedra. Description of Indian problems in Sonora and Nueva Viscaya. 01-22-1767
Saavedra . Real provision restoring fray Isidro Jose Cadelo to his mission. 12-03-1791
Saavedra Fernando Septimo. Royal decree: concerning election of representatives. 12-13-1810
Saavedra Problem of importation of mescal into California and the estanco de mescal in Tepic 05-29-1787
Saavedra Letters from officers to Ugalde concerning land litigation. 04-07-1788
Saavedra Documents concerning accusations of mistreatment of Indians in missions in alta California 08-20-1778
Saavedra Pedro de Nava (comandante) to Fernando Chacon (gobernador). Communication of royal order announcing replacement of Saavedra by Pedro... 12-14-1800
Saavedra Salcedo, Nemesio to Manrique, Jose. Re: the appointment of an official; and the use of the surname only on the signature of certain... 07-11-1810
Saavedra Fernando VII to Manrique, Jose. Royal decree: rights of natives of the Spanish indies. 10-17-1810
Saavedra Venegas, Francisco Xavier. Proclamation regarding the rebellion, and the offer of a conditional pardon to some rebels. 02-11-1811
Saavedra 153 documents concerning administrative matters at the port of San Blas. 04-04-1794
Saavedra Audiencia real de Guadalajara to Chacon, Fernando 10-00-1797
Saavedra Reintegro de faltas que hubo en las memorias del presidio de San Diego respectivo al ano de 1800 11-10-1800
Saavedra Letters by Quimper to virrey and others concerning navigation trips. 11-06-1792
Saavedra Inventory of presidio San Diego 12-31-1801
Saavedra Series of correspondence with gobernador Escandon concerning administrative affairs in Nuevo Santander. 01-13-1759
Saavedra Documents concerning prison overcrowding at Guadalaxara. 10-09-1795
Saavedra expediente sobre la aprovacion de capitan de la compania miliciana de los valles del Pilon y Mota que el governador del Nuevo Reyno de Leon... 07-13-1772
Saavedra salbador cantun sargento retirado con goce del invalido de la segunda compania Volante de dicha provincia se quexa a vuestra excelencia... 05-03-1796
Saavedra Budgets and details of repairs needed to buildings of the real sala del crimen in Mexico. Repairs to casa del mayorazgo in Puebla. 11-19-1790
Saavedra Correspondence re: documents in Bodega's possesion at time of death that are to be archived. 05-03-1794
Saavedra Correspondence re: shipment of supplies to San Blas. Includes lists of items and costs. 03-06-1790
Saavedra Inquiry from gobernador Arrillaga about problem of neutral ships landing at more than one Spanish port unnecessarily. Replies and answers... 12-06-1800
Saavedra Criminals sentenced to Alta California 03-03-1796
Saavedra Expediente concerning construction of ship for use by San Diego presidio 12-10-1801
Saavedra Correspondence between Elisa, virrey re: repairs on frigate conception. 07-28-1792
Saavedra Documents re: arrival in nootka of improperly attired soldiers. 06-15-1794
Saavedra Ex-surgeon of San Blas solicits permission to wear military uniform and use military fueros 06-14-1802
Saavedra Salcado, Nemesio to gobernador ynterino de Nuevo Mexico. Re: the signing of official documents. 05-28-1810
Saavedra Testimonio del expediente formado a continuacion de real orden sobre goze del sueldo que por comandante general de las Provincias Internas... 08-23-1793
Saavedra indice de los expedientes respectivos a la real audiencia y sala del crimen de Mexico que existen en l archivo de la secretaria del... 02-09-1797
Saavedra Documents to viceroy from Cabildo regarding street lighting and cleaning around real palacio in Mexico. 00-00-1783
Saavedra Correspondence re: request by Tovar for salary while employed as amanuense. 09-10-1791
Saavedra Series of documents concerning introduction of hemp into Nueva California. 10-23-1798
Saavedra Proceso contra los neofitos de la mision de San Antonio llamados primo... 12-15-1800
Saavedra Civil, military administrative correspondence; fiscal affairs 04-15-1810