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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Tafoya Villasur expedition-investigation of governor Balverde 05-13-1726
Tafoya autos y diligencias que se hizieron sobre aver pedido los Apaches de la Xicarilla y demas gentiles de aquellos payzes el agua del Santo... 11-08-1723
Tafoya To Penuela (Marques de la). Set of briefs by various persons involved, concerning the suit of Nicolas Ortiz against Juan de Tafoya. 10-03-1707
Tafoya Gobernador. Order that the maestre de campo assemble a military group to go in search of plundering navajos. 02-21-1709
Tafoya Paez Hurtado, Juan. Arrangements for payment for a debt owed by Pedro Lopez Gallardo to Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon. 11-16-1713
Tafoya Bueno de Bohorques, Francisco Joseph. Power of attorney of soldiers for the collection of their pay. 05-16-1714
Tafoya Romero, Francisco Xavier/Sandoval Martinez, Antonio. Continuation in sodomy proceedings and counter accusations of calumny. 07-27-1728
Tafoya Juan Paez Hurtado. Causa criminal contra Juan Marques y Francisco Javier sobre la muerte de Maria Magdalena Baca, mujer de dicho Juan... 02-22-1741
Tafoya Petition by people of las truchas protesting their inclusion in the parish of San Lazaro de Picuris. 02-20-1762
Tafoya Pedro Martin. Concerns return of mule to Fresques by Diego Naranjo. 02-27-1762
Tafoya Ana Maria Ortis. Proceedings concerning settlement of husband's estate. 07-29-1762
Tafoya Barbara Garzia Jusado. Attempt to collect debts owed estate of her deceased husband. 02-04-1763
Tafoya Garcia, Joseph. Luis Tafoya brings suit against Garcia for over charging him on cost of two barrels of wine, ordered to pay back the extra. 10-24-1766
Tafoya Tafoya, Ancelmo. Criminal charges brought against Joaquin de Sandoval for wounding Ancelmo Tafoya. 11-08-1767
Tafoya Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Bando against gambling, concubinage and disorders ordered published by alcalde mayor of Santa Fe. 01-05-1768
Tafoya Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Bando against destruction of agriculture by cattle assessing fines to citizens responsible for... 03-12-1768
Tafoya Trebol Navarro, Francisco (alcalde mayor). Proceedings against militia lieutenant Domingo Luna for disobeying orders not to aid in navajo... 07-24-1768
Tafoya Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Proceedings of criminal case against two Indian women, a mother and her daughter, for murdering... 04-22-1773
Tafoya Garcia, Salvador/Martin, Gregorio. Contract between Salvador Garcia and Gregorio Martin for payment of 150 pesos to Gregorio to atone for... 11-05-1775
Tafoya Baca, Luis. Fragment of proceedings against Luis Baca for mistreatment and poor pay of Indians of the Santo Domingo mission. 02-02-1792
Tafoya Olivares y Benito, Francisco Gabriel (obispo de Durango). Order- re: right of disabled of Santa Fe presidio to remain under ecclesiastical-... 12-24-1798
Tafoya Arteaga, Manuel de. Criminal action against Josef Moreno, charged with concubinage -adultery and assaulting various people. Sentenced to... 07-11-1805
Tafoya Arteaga, Manuel de. Criminal action against Josef Moreno, charged with concubinage -adultery and assaulting various people. Sentenced to... 07-11-1805
Tafoya Maria Diego Valencia. Criminal case against Maria Diego Valencia for robbery of food, China and medallians from various soldiers homes. She... 01-08-1806
Tafoya Juan Lujan Criminal charges against Juan Lujan, an Indian, for taking a horse from another Indian. Lujan is sentenced to one month in... 01-11-1806
Tafoya Nicolas Trujillo. Criminal case against Nicolas Trujillo for stealing cattle. Found guilty and sentenced to two months in prison and labor... 01-28-1806
Tafoya Gobernador de Nuevo Mexico to Rey, Ysidro. Re: orders for conduct of business in absence of the governor. 05-31-1810
Tafoya Ruiz, Antonio/Chaves, Jose Antonio. List of names of children vaccinated; names of parents; places of residence. 08-22-1810
Tafoya Tafoya, Jose Miguel. Re: children vaccinated. 11-06-1810
Tafoya Vargas, Diego de. Continued record of events of uprising. 07-28-1696
Tafoya Miguel Ventura. Pedro Atienza brings charges to recover a macho (mule). 08-04-1762
Tafoya Padilla, Juan Manuel. Criminal charges brought against Juan Manuel Padilla for slaughtering cattle in his home, which is illegal. 11-22-1767
Tafoya Trugillo, Jose. Criminal action against Jose Trugillo, charged with having deflowered Maria de las Nieves Miera. She did not want Trugillo... 05-16-1805
Tafoya Juan Cristobal Ortiz and Geronimo Ortega. Criminal proceedings against Juan Cristobal Ortiz and Geronimo Ortega for stealing and butchering... 01-11-1806
Tafoya Nemesio Salcedo (comandante general). note to governor of New Mexico refusing to permit presidio doctor Cristobal Larranaga to retire. 07-17-1806
Tafoya Manrrique, Jose to Elias Gonzalez, Ygnacio. Re: abuses inflicted on Indians by residents and the appointment of a defender and protector of... 09-06-1813
Tafoya Vargas, Diego de. Continued record of events of uprising. 08-01-1696
Tafoya Bustamante, Juan Domingo de (gobernador y capitan general). Order sending capitan Antonio Tafoya in campaign against Apaches. 06-20-1724
Tafoya Sena, Matias de. Contract for sale of cattle from Antonio Armenta to Matias de Sena. 01-12-1770
Tafoya . Criminal case against a taos Indian for sodomy (with a calf). He is sentenced to ninety-six lashes and catechism lessons. 06-22-1775
Tafoya The viceroy to the presidial soldiers. Complaint and petition: failure of the governor to meet his obligation to the soldiers. 02-12-1713
Tafoya Vecinos of Alburquerque. Petition to governor protesting appointment of Francisco Trebol Navarro as captain of guerra in Alburquerque. 01-28-1768
Tafoya Croix (Marques de) (virrey). Forward of royal cedula ordering confiscation of certain papal bulls. 06-08-1769
Tafoya Madrid, Lorenzo de to Vargas, Diego de. Antonio Tafoya's explanation of why he is in the church. 09-15-1694
Tafoya Martin, Pedro. Trial for rape. 10-13-1812
Tafoya Tafoya, Jose Miguel. Paternity suit. 11-24-1805
Tafoya Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignacio (governador) to Serna, Xptoval de la. Decision to conduct a campaign against the Apaches de Navajo, and... 10-18-1713
Tafoya Lopes, Salvador. Criminal case against Josef Hario for theft. Sentenced to two months in jail and on public works. 11-16-1805
Tafoya Duran de Armijo, Antonio. Documentation of legal struggle of Antonio Duran de Armijo against Baca to recover debt for sheep owed to Armijo. 09-03-1767
Tafoya Tafoya, Jose Miguel to Manrriques, Josef. Transcripts of proceeding in legal suit. 01-17-1811