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Person Last Name Document title Date
Trebol Navarro Correspondence of comandante general Neve for 1784. 02-28-1781
Trebol Navarro Correspondence between Croix and Mayorga re: treasury transactions; military personnel; documents on Aviles; use of funds. 12-07-1779
Trebol Navarro Correspondence betwene Croix and Mayorga re: postal service; Durango tobacco factoria; lottery; military administrative matters. 08-01-1781
Trebol Navarro Francisco Trebol Navarro. Contra Joseph Lucio, acusado de robo. 09-07-1764
Trebol Navarro Sierra, Nicolas Antonio de la. Civil suit for debt of 650 pesos against Joseph Mariano Baca. 08-01-1767
Trebol Navarro Beytia, Juan Antonio. Legal action against Clemente Gutierres for pesos owed as part of dowery payments to Beytia. 10-31-1767
Trebol Navarro Anaya, Juan de. Proceedings for Juan de Anaya to recover stolen cattle sold to the Indian Maiquate and obligation of the cattle thief... 12-04-1767
Trebol Navarro Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Bando against concubinage, gambling and disorders. 01-02-1768
Trebol Navarro Vecinos of Alburquerque. Petition to governor protesting appointment of Francisco Trebol Navarro as captain of guerra in Alburquerque. 01-28-1768
Trebol Navarro Crisostomo, Pedro. Criminal case against two xenisaros Indians for stealing cattle. 02-09-1768
Trebol Navarro Trebol Navarro, Francisco (alcalde mayor). Proceedings against militia lieutenant Domingo Luna for disobeying orders not to aid in navajo... 07-24-1768
Trebol Navarro Pino, Juachin del. Last will and testament of Juachin del Pino and struggle between wife and brother over estate which is finally awarded... 12-07-1768
Trebol Navarro Croix (Marques de) (virrey). Forward of royal cedula ordering confiscation of certain papal bulls. 06-08-1769
Trebol Navarro Beitia, Domingo Mariano. Case against ysleta Indians for robbing sheep and cattle. 07-04-1771
Trebol Navarro Olona, Miguel de/Morales, Miguel. Civil suit of Miguel de Olona against Miguel Morales for collection of debt. 03-26-1776
Trebol Navarro Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Bando prohibiting export of wool and livestock from the province. 04-14-1777
Trebol Navarro Croix (Caballero de) to Mendinuta, Pedro Fermin de (gobernador). Letter to governor granting him authority to negotiate peace treaty with... 02-10-1778
Trebol Navarro Croix (Caballero de). Croix orders governor Pedro Fermin de Mendinuta to travel to Chihuahua to meet his successor Juan Bautista de Ansa. 02-11-1778
Trebol Navarro Mendinueta, Pedro Fermin de. Bandos announcing that governor Mendinuta will be leaving for Chihuahua and alcalde mayor of Alburquerque... 03-10-1778
Trebol Navarro Trebol Navarro, Francisco. Bando ordering alcalde mayores to confiscate any and all horses which have illegally entered the province. 03-31-1778
Trebol Navarro Trebol navarro, Francisco (gobernador). Bando by governor of New Mexico prohibiting trade with the yutas Indians. Three copies. 09-13-1778
Trebol Navarro . List of arms and munitions received by government of New Mexico. 12-30-1778