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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Ugalde Index of documents re: Provincias Internas and Nayarit located in Chapultepec. 00-00-1771
Ugalde Summary of expedientes sent to comandancia general of Provincias Internas upon separation from viceroyalty. 01-19-1791
Ugalde Letter of governor Ugalde to viceroy Bucareli 12-29-1777
Ugalde Letter of viceroy Galvez(?) to governor Ugalde 09-24-1783
Ugalde Letter of viceroy Flores(?) to governor Fueros 10-09-1787
Ugalde Two draft letters of viceroy Flores(?) to governor Guiterrez and letter of response 10-03-1789
Ugalde Letter of emperan to viceroy Conde de Revilla Gigedo and draft resonse 03-23-1790
Ugalde Inquiry into state of troops in Nuevo Leon. 06-06-1787
Ugalde Diego de Quiroz to gobernador Juan Isidro de Pardinas Villar de Francos letter concerning need for Sinaloa soldiers in Sinaloa . None Given
Ugalde Petitions to viceroy to give certain rights to new town founded in Santander province including city chart. 04-00-1734
Ugalde Letters from various officials to viceroy concerning status of royal treasuries 10-00-1788
Ugalde Letters to and from viceroy and various officials concerning status of royal treasuries 10-14-1789
Ugalde Diarios and letters from Alcala and others to Ugalde concerning monthly military novedades. 09-01-1788
Ugalde Carpeta primera del legano numero 18. 12-11-1786
Ugalde Letters from Lacumba, Claudio to Ugalde, Juan de concerning: orders received, supplies received, Indians arrested. 08-09-1786
Ugalde Letters and documents; from Lacomba; to Ugalde; concerning financial reports, remedy for epidemic affecting horses, orders received, and... 11-18-1787
Ugalde Letters from Lacomba and others to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting the tercera compania Volante. 11-26-1787
Ugalde Letters from Lacomba, Puga, Gonzales de Paredes to Ugalde, Juan de: concerning matters affecting tercera companis Volante de la colonia del... 08-22-1787
Ugalde Re: court-material of Serna, teniente de primera compania Volante de Nuevo Santander. 11-29-1792
Ugalde Nine military instancias from colonia of Nuevo Santander. 02-02-1792
Ugalde Routine administrative correspondence from Vaamonde to Castro. 04-28-1790
Ugalde Administrative correspondence from Ramon to Castro. 06-10-1791
Ugalde Letter from Emparan to viceroy concerning charges leveled against Emparan by Castro. 05-24-1791
Ugalde Series of letters from Castro to virrey complaining about Emparan. 07-14-1791
Ugalde Letters from Castro concerning criminal case against Menchaca. 04-16-1791
Ugalde Letters concerning charges of insubordination leveled by Castro against Emparan. 07-29-1791
Ugalde Letters between Ugalde, Castro & Revilla Gigedo about financing & upgrading of Casa Fuerte in Santa Rosa valley. 05-31-1791
Ugalde Letters between Florez, Castro, Valdes & virrey about Florez' complaints against Castro. 07-12-1792
Ugalde Correspondence between Diaz, Fueros, viceroy, and others government officials concerning separation of Nueva Vizcaya from Coahuila. 05-21-1785
Ugalde Correspondence between Ugalde, viceroy, Herrera and others concerning retirement of Herrera. 10-12-1777
Ugalde Correspondence between Tovar and Castro concerning battle against Lipanes. 07-30-1791
Ugalde Correspondence between Sanches, Bustamante, and others concerning Ugalde's attack on Sanches. 07-01-1782
Ugalde Correspondence between Fueros, Gomes and other government officials concerning Gomes request for pension. 00-11-1777
Ugalde Correspondence between Croix, Gutierrez, and Mayorga concerning money spent by Ugalde. 03-06-1783
Ugalde Correspondence between Ugalde, Posada, and other government officials concerning printing Ugalde's documents. 09-09-1783
Ugalde Correspondence between Nava and Revilla Gigedo re: military appointements; relaying of orders; funds used in transport 12-27-1790
Ugalde Correspondence between Nava and Revilla Gigedo re: military personnel, finances and murder of peaceful Indians by soldiers. 01-01-1791
Ugalde Correspondence between various officials concerning Indian relations in Nuevo Mexico 11-00-1786
Ugalde Correspondence re: request for money to maintain Indians de paz; Indian hostilies; need for troops. 12-01-1789
Ugalde Establishment of peace with mescaleros. 10-15-1787
Ugalde Peace with mescaleros. 12-24-1787
Ugalde Peace with mescaleros. 12-13-1787
Ugalde [untitled] 02-02-1789
Ugalde Informe to king describing establishment, development and current problems in Provincias Internas. 05-08-1789
Ugalde Correspondence regarding division of comandancia general in provincias 01-06-1788
Ugalde Letter from Ugarte to virrey describing military campaigns and requesting promotion. 05-08-1788
Ugalde Letters from Flores to Ugarte concerning progress of military campaigns. 02-04-1789
Ugalde Letter from Flores to Ugalde concerning tax laws dealing with cultivation of tabaco chumbo by Indians from Bizarron mission. 04-04-1789
Ugalde Correspondence between viceroy and comandante general de Provincias Internas. 01-10-1790
Ugalde Oficios to and from Ugalde concerning legal proceedings. 10-03-1783