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Unzaga Representaciones a la corte por el virreynato de Mexico. 00-00-1776
Unzaga Correspondencia, provincia de Coahuila, ano de 1758. 04-07-1758
Unzaga Correspondence between Ripperda and Bucareli for year 1777. 02-25-1777
Unzaga Correspondence between Urresti and virrey. 01-07-1763
Unzaga Series of correspondence with governor Escandon concerning administrative affairs in Nuevo Santander. 01-06-1764
Unzaga Letters by Escandon and Ruiz to Revilla Gigedo about Saca de Agua at Hoyos; tanambre rebels 12-08-1773
Unzaga Letters by Escandon concerning Chichimec reducciones in Nuevo Santander 1756. 11-13-1775
Unzaga Letter catalogues contents of testimonios concerning colonization and pacification in Nuevo Santander 1753. 05-06-1753
Unzaga Letters by Escandon, Valcarzel, Unzaga and others describe agriculture, Indian pacification in Nuevo Santander 1752-4. 12-22-1752
Unzaga Letters from Escandon to virrey, informing him about the destructions the rain cause in Nuevo Santander. 10-30-1751
Unzaga Letters from the capitanes of different villages of Nuevo Santander to Escandon concerning the situation of the villages after the rains. 02-06-1752
Unzaga Letter from the administrator of hacienda de California to the viceroy insisting in his request for more land 02-14-1769
Unzaga Report by Jose Escandon concerning the foundation of Hoyos, Padilla and Cerro Santiago, and the division of land among the settlers. 07-20-1769
Unzaga Report from ossorio to the viceroy concerning the land conflict with misiones de Californias. 03-01-1763
Unzaga testimonio y consulta pertenesiente a la fundazion de la villa de hoyos 04-14-1751
Unzaga al presidente de Guadalaxara en 26. Mayo 1756. Para la aprehension de don Joseph Esquivel. Correspondence from mayors of Queretaro and San... 02-07-1756
Unzaga Military recommendation letters from several capitanes for Escandon's son. 06-29-1765
Unzaga Proposal for salary increase for J.F. Barbarena, 05-10-1751
Unzaga Index and extraction from legajo 4 (1757), quadernos 1-10, containing administrative, military, and religious information regarding various... 01-31-1757
Unzaga Glossary of expenses incurred during pacification and settlement of colonia del Nuevo Santander. 08-01-1752