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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Ybanez Letters from Pena and related correspondence asking for payment of sinodos to California missionaries. 12-21-1803
Ybanez Sobre sinodos de los rr. Pp. misioneros Fernandinos, respectivos al presente ano de 1808. 07-06-1808
Ybanez Letters by Aragon, Linares, others to viceroy, with responses concerning administrative problems in Sonora and Sinaloa 01-01-1769
Ybanez Santo Ysla, villegas testimonio del tanteo, corte, y visita de cassa de los Alamos en el ano de 1770. 03-18-1771
Ybanez Letter from Mendinuta to Croix concerning arrest of Ferra for forgery. 07-17-1770
Ybanez Series of autos on Indian religious practices. Letters informing the viceroy of idolatry of Indians and the determination exterminate it 02-01-1768
Ybanez Correspondence dealing with the control of idolatry among Indians of the provincia de Nayarit 09-20-1768
Ybanez Continuation of preceeding folios in which fathers of various missions defend themselves against allegations of poor mission administration... 02-10-1767
Ybanez French trespassing into Spanish territory, Part III. 00-00-1690
Ybanez nomina de los soldados de que le compone.... lists of soldier salaries. 02-17-1739
Ybanez artilleria, pertrechos, armas, y municiones remitidas de la havana a Texas. 01-28-1811
Ybanez Correspondence to viceroy Venadito from 1819, sundry concerns. 03-22-1819
Ybanez Documents discussing appointment, election, duties of alcaldes in Nayarit. 01-02-1724
Ybanez Jacinto de Barrios y Jaurequi. Residencia of Jacinto de Barrios y Jaurequi, governor of Texas. 07-00-1757