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Person Last Name Document title Date
Yriarte Letters concerning naming of new administrador de haciendas del Fondo Piadoso. 06-15-1798
Yriarte Series of letters from Castro to virrey complaining about Emparan. 07-14-1791
Yriarte Letter from Castro to virrey concerning complaints against Emparan. 10-18-1791
Yriarte Correspondence re: expenses and funding of expedicion militar de Sonora. 07-17-1768
Yriarte Correspondence list. papel instructivo from the viceroy to Croix. 03-00-1777
Yriarte Index of issues addressed to the viceroy from commander Croix; administrative correspondence. 05-20-1777
Yriarte Croix's correspondence re: military personnel; fiscal affairs in Chihuahua and funds for California arms; and Alamos treasury... 04-02-1781
Yriarte Correspondence between governor of Sonora and virrey for 1775 05-21-1775
Yriarte Correspondence between governor of Sonora and viceroy dealing with some issues and affairs of province (official title). 10-10-1715
Yriarte Administrative correspondence between governor of Sonora and viceroy 1776. 05-19-1776
Yriarte Letters concerning the establishment of borders between Louisiana and Texas. Letters and forms on military ammunition. Legal documents... 09-24-1804
Yriarte Documents concerning accusations of mistreatment of Indians in missions in alta California 08-20-1778
Yriarte Diligencias' concerning auctions held at mission in Nuevo Santander. 12-28-1793
Yriarte Correspondence between virrey and various officials concerning routine fiscal and administrative affairs. 06-10-1815
Yriarte Letter from Mangino to Croix concerning present status of California's missions. 00-00-1536
Yriarte Concerning payment for service rendered to military. 02-26-1812
Yriarte Documents concerning death of Sastre. 03-17-1773
Yriarte Concerning reorganization of Ostimuri, Sonora after death of Sastre. 10-04-1772
Yriarte Correspondence re: Tunon's relocation due to failing health. 12-08-1773