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Person Last Name Document title Date
Yugopampertiz Relacion and informes concerning pacification of comanches and yutas. 02-20-1779
Yuquis Correspondence of Urrea, Bucareli and others concerning administrative/military problems at altar 01-01-1769
Yusti Various unorganized documents to virrey related to government of Texas, emphasis on military and colonization matters. Years 1771 to 1776. 11-06-1771
Yusti 1775. Correspondencia con la colonia del Nuevo Santander. 05-01-1739
Yuixas Documents concerning minting of coins, house arrest of Sierragorda. 03-06-1772
Yultaen Letters between Ugarte y Loyola and subordinates detailing western province general campaign Mar-December 1788. 07-13-1788
Yundisu Documents concerning Apaches in reduccion at Bacoachi . 08-30-1790
Yundisi Correspondence between Loyola and virrey Florez re: peace with Queyeya. 06-17-1789
Yujen Correspondence re: success of attacks on apackes. Letter, oficio, diary, padron. Original, copy (dated aut. 14, 1789), signed, unsigned. 07-21-1789
Yundisi List of Bacoachi Apaches, their rations per week for 1791. 01-02-1791
Yuntacy List of Bacoachi Apaches, their rations per week for 1791. 01-02-1791
Yuvisnae Accounts of rations to specific Apache families at Bacoachi. 12-31-1790
Yunco Concerns colonization of Nuevo Santander. 08-07-1755
Yusti indice de los expedientes de la provincia del Nayarit y Colotlan de los anos de 1722 hasta el de 1786. 09-06-1722
Yunesco Slave sale. 09-30-1654
Yuba Yuba, Antonio/Povia, Asencio. Criminal proceedings against Antonio Yuba and Ascencio Povia for homosexual activity. 06-25-1731