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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Zubia Libranzas from Chihuahua and Arispe. 10-30-1794
Zubia Detailed cuentas of expenses from Chihuahua for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 06-25-1791
Zubia don Jose de Palacio vecino y del comercio de esta.... treasury, bookkeeping documents for Sonora, Chihuahua, Saltillo, and Mexico. 07-18-1794
Zubia Documents comprising resume (service record) of Orozco. 06-06-1787
Zubia Detailed cuentas of expenses from San Elceario for supplies for pacified Indians and prisoners of war. 06-26-1791
Zubia Index of correspondence from Nava, Garcia and Herera concerning Provincias Internas affairs. 01-31-1793
Zubia Letters from ayuntamiento de Chihuahua informing virrey of a conspiracy of some military personnel. 05-06-1814
Zubia Cuentas for supplies to Apaches de paz and prisioneros; Taraumara auxiliaries at Chihuahua. 06-25-1791
Zubia Espinosa, Benito to Villaescusa, Pedro Sebastian. Report on battle between loyal troops and insurgents at Acaponeta. 11-07-1811
Zubia Permission for Diaz de Solorzano to go to Mexico to be cured. 08-06-1791
Zubia Lopez, Damaso. Civil suit to recover debts totaling about 12,000 pesos. 06-17-1820
Zubia Correspondence concerning establishment of mission for pinto Indians. 00-00-1769
Zubia Reports of Indian raids in Nueva Vizcaya. 12-30-1788
Zubia Letter from ayuntamiento de Chihuahua to virrey informing the situation from north Durango, Chihuahua, Nuevo Mexico and Texas. 10-12-1813
Zubia Series of informes from Beregana to virrey noting granting of loans to private citizens from Caxas de Chiguagua. 01-08-1795
Zubia Correspondence between Nava and virrey concerning diverse fiscal and administrative affairs. 01-08-1794
Zubia Borica directs in-depth investigation of contract between Loyola and Guizarnotegui on behalf of Loyola 09-10-1787