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Person Last Name Document title Date
Aissa Informe from Maria de Arellano dealing with debt owed by Hernandez on hacienda Arroyo Zarco. 11-11-1774
Aissa Series of libramientos concerning Fondo Piadoso for California missions. 00-00-1779
Aissa Testimonios regarding solicitation of funds from, and payments to, Fondo Piadoso for California missions. 00-00-1768
Aissa Documents concerning transfer of money and expenditures from Fondo Piadoso de Californias. 00-00-1779
Aissa Summary of income and expenditures at haciendas belonging to misiones de Californias. 12-00-1782
Aissa Itemized accounts of cargo, data, bienes and frutos for all haciendas belonging to Ybarra. 12-31-1782
Aissa Account provided by Aissa of expenditures, income, and salaries at Arroyo Zarco for 1783. 01-00-1783
Aizpuro Letters and accounts to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal management of the presidios around Chihuahua. 01-22-1777
Aispuzu Letters between Escorza and Bucareli y Urzua concerning fiscal management of presidios. 03-29-1773
Aire Administrative correspondence concerning budget and list of expenditures made in construction of Buenavista presidio. 03-07-1766
Ainciburo General correspondence: September, 1779. 09-18-1779
Ailbires Case against Tapia and Arbizo for having caused drowning death of gentile Indian. 10-13-1783
Aiala Series of letters and certifications from government officials, dealing with military services provided to the king by soldiers of... 11-16-1721
Aimenes Declaracion de don Juan Antonio Manzano y de don Christobal Feliciano 11-20-1781
Aiala El governador de la provincia del Nuevo Reino de Leon don Manuel Vaamonde sobre licencia para casarse. 01-31-1792
Aillon y Monrroy Autos concerning Nayaritas and guasamotecos who threatened to kill missionaries and free prisoner Juan Tonate from jail in Mexico. 02-12-1761
Aimeres Basquez Testimonio de los autos. 01-05-1751
Aizio Vargas, Diego de. Record of events and operations during an extensive uprising among the Indians. 06-17-1696
Aiavz Bustamante, Juan Domingo de (gobernador y capitan general). Certification of fulfillment of viceregal instructions. 11-26-1729
Aibera Real Alencaster, Joaquin del. List of soldiers from the Santa Fee presidio company eligible for retirement and a pension. 04-20-1805