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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Croix Hold is called on Guizarnotegui's contract to supply presidial troops until certain requirements are fulfilled 09-26-1787
Croix Letters between Ugarte y Loyola, Mangino and Real Hacienda concerning positive economic aspects of contract with merchant Guizarnotegui to... 09-26-1787
Croix Documents dealing with provisioning of food, clothing, and arms for presidial troops. 09-01-1772
Croix Letters from Cancio to Marques de Croix 03-03-1762
Croix Letters from Alderete to viceroy about affairs at Santa Rosa presidio 01-15-1764
Croix Royal order to establish missions in territory of Gila and Colorado rivers. 02-01-1777
Croix Certification of expenses for a proposed building. 04-14-1770
Croix Letters of governor Fueros to viceroy Galvez with related table and draft response 08-11-1783
Croix Letter of viceroy Mayorga(?) to coronel Ugalde 04-08-1785
Croix Letters of governor Emparan to viceroy Revilla Gigedo 11-01-1790
Croix Comunicaciones relativas al gobierno provincial de Coahuila. Anos de 1766 y 1767. Gobernador Barrios. 01-15-1766
Croix Squadron lists with salary schedules. 12-06-1770
Croix Letter concerning Indian conditions in Colony 05-04-1770
Croix Letter from governor to viceroy concerning mine work and Indian situation. 08-16-1771
Croix Letter from governor to virrey concerning estate settlement. 09-14-1770
Croix Correspondence between governor and viceroy concerning mission and presidio establishments in colony and mining operations. (L. Deatherage... 01-07-1771
Croix Letter to virrey from governor regarding salt mining. 01-08-1771
Croix Letters between virrey and officials of San Blas concerning shipping, salaries, appointments, and various payments. 06-27-1767
Croix Reports of events on frontier from Munoz. 12-20-1775
Croix Letter from Virrey(?) to Fayni about tax levied on Menchaca to finance military campaign of 1772. 11-07-1772
Croix Letters by Fayni and Croix concerning charges against Menchaca. 00-00-1563
Croix Miscellaneous letters and notes from Virrey(?) to Fayni about campaign funding, personnel, Indian hostilities. 09-10-1771
Croix Letters from Virrey(?) to Fayni concerning military campaign of 1772. 03-18-1772
Croix Letters between Virrey(?) and Fayni about wine laws, Spanish-English relations & hospital administration. 11-07-1769
Croix Letters between Virrey(?), Fayni, and Croix concerning military campaign, Indian hostilities. 04-25-1770
Croix Letters between Fayni & Virrey(?) concerning Indian hostilities, campaign supplies. 02-06-1770
Croix Letters of governor Fayni to viceroy Bucareli and draft response 06-09-1773
Croix Request and report on new methods of spiritual and temporal governing of missions of province and related correspondence 05-01-1773
Croix Establishment of New Pagaduria. 03-08-1780
Croix Benefits of libranzas. 10-31-1783
Croix Communications regarding status of royal treasuries 10-10-1785
Croix Letter from Pineda to Croix concerning law of July 31. 10-18-1768
Croix Letters from Pineda to Croix concerning Indian attacks and campaigns against them. 11-18-1768
Croix Letter from Cancio to viceroy giving complete report of relations between military and Indian nations in Sonora; military strength of... 10-28-1766
Croix Letter from capitan Cancio to viceroy re: account of impact of Indian policy on various groups in Sonora. 11-20-1766
Croix Letter to viceroy relating Indian attacks to presidios in Sinaloa . 12-16-1766
Croix Letter from Cancio to viceroy regarding inspection of port of Guaymas carried with governor Pineda. 04-20-1767
Croix Letter from de Anza to viceroy in regard to visit by Rubi. 12-15-1767
Croix Correspondence between de Anza and viceroy regarding military personnel. 11-11-1768
Croix Correspondence between Urrea and viceroy regarding military personnel. 06-03-1768
Croix Correspondence to viceroy about transportation of troops and missionaries to Sonora. 01-01-1678
Croix Letters to viceroy by father Aragon about Indian settlements. 02-29-1768
Croix Correspondence from and to viceroy with various civil officials in Nueva Vizcaya during 1775. 08-30-1775
Croix Various letters of congratulation by officials within Provincias Internas to viceroy Galvez. 07-19-1785
Croix Correspondence between Ugarte, Arrizcorreta, and several government officials concerning payment of Ugarte's debt. 05-27-1767
Croix Correspondence between Galvez and Merino concerning incorporation of Coahuila and Texas to audiencia of Guadalaxara. 03-12-1779
Croix Letters from Gutierrez de la Riva and others to virrey concerning employment petitions. 04-17-1783
Croix Nava's correspondence re: Alferez appointments in Bautista, and discussion of creation of ayudante inspector posts. 06-00-1778
Croix Correspondence re: relations with Apaches and various naciones del norte. 12-09-1777
Croix Expediente sobre las muertes y robos que executan los indios de la sierra de Tamaulipa y pazes que piden los de la nacion villegas 06-09-1781