Letters, oficios to and from Ugalde pertaining to the circumstances of campaign against mescaleros

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Letters, oficios to and from Ugalde pertaining to the circumstances of campaign against mescaleros
Ugalde, Juan de
Ugarte y Layola, Jacobo
Rengel, Jose Antonio
and others
Santa Rosa (Valle). January 10 - November 25, 1787. 99p. Oficios. Signed copies.
Ugalde, in order to justify his actions, explains to Flores that he had informemed Ugarte y Layola and Rengel of his campaign against the Mescaleros. Letter to Flores contains copies of oficios originally sent to Ugarte y Layola explaining purpose of campaign and logistics involved. Ugarte y Layola's response advocates the campaign. Copies of orders given to companias militares during campaign are also sent to Flores. Orders give detailed instructions to capitanes and comandantes presidiales as to what defensive and offensive actions should be taken in Ugalde's absence; breakdown of jobs and ranks, number of horses, ammunition caches, and rations. Detailed explanation of measures that should be taken in event of confrontation with hostile Indians. (L. Carrion, March 1988)
Ugalde, Juan de
Flores, Manuel Antonio (Virrey)
Ugarte y Layola, Jacobo (General Brigadier)
Rengel, Jose Antonio
Picax-Ande-Ynstixle (Capitan)
Galvez, Conde de
Tuenos, Pedro (Coronel)
Fernandez Carmona, Juan
Santa Rosa (Valle)
Patos (Hacienda)
Coahuila (Provincia)
Sardinas (Hacienda)
Anoslo (?)
Laredo (Poblacion)
Reyno de Leon
Mapimi (Bolson)
Parras (Laguna)
Puerco (Rio)
Chihuahua (Pueblo)
Texas (Provincia)
Nuevo Santander (Colonia)
Mamulique (Poblacion)
San Juan Bautista de Rio Grande (Presidio)
Corral de Piedra (Poblacion)
Laredo (Presidio)
Rio Grande (Presidio)
San Fernando (Villa)
Monclova (Villa)
Santa Monica
Carmen (Sierra)
Saltillo (Villa)
Vallecillo (Poblacion)
Iguana (Pueblo)
Golondrinas (Pueblo)
Monterey (Ciudad)
Carrisa (Poblacion)
SaLimas (Poblacion)
Paloblanco (Poblacion)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Coahuila, Compania de
Anaelo, Compania de
Alamo, Compania de
Laredo, Compania de
Leon, Compania de Reyno de
Nuevo Santander, Compania Tercera de la Colonia del
Rio Grande, Compania de San Juan Bautista de
Leon, Segunda Compania del Reyno de
Agua Verde, Compania de
Babia, Compania de la
Juan Ignacio Ramon, Segunda Compania del Reyno de
Monclova, Compania de
Saltillo, Compania de Santiago del
Parras, Compania de San Carlos de
Leon, Segunda Compania del Reyno de
Leon, Tercera Compania del Reyno de
Leon, Compania del Nuevo Reyno de
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AZTM, AGN, Vol. 111 ff. 034-085 exp. 2
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AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 111 ff. 034-085 exp. 2
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