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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Ditch and plants, Sarcobatus and sage Image 1911-07-30
Drought effects Image 1911-09-09
Drought effects - dwarf milo Image 1911-09-09
Dry land orchard Image 1911-09-01
Dunes Image 1911-08-02
Dunes Image 1911-08-02
Dunes Image 1911-08-02
Elm tree in park Image 1911-02-25
Eucalyptus destroying beans Image 1911-08-19
Excavation of lemon tree Image 1911-08-16
Exp. farm Image 1911-09-01
Fenced fields Image 1911-06-10
Fern and wall Image 1911-08-22
General view of country Image 1911-08-01
Good wheat Image 1911-09-13
Good wheat Image 1911-09-13
Greasewood Image 1911-07-30
Greasewood and Shad scale Image 1911-07-26
Greasewood and shad scale Image 1911-07-26
Gum diseases Image 1911-08-16
Gutierrezia, Artemisia Image 1911-07-26
Hedge tatter on low field Image 1911-06-06
Hills, Artemisia, Salvia, hay Image 1911-08-16
Interior of chapel Image 1911-08-22
Irrigation ditches, grove Image 1911-08-09
Irrigation system, grove Image 1911-08-09
Lake Image 1911-08-28
Lake - Iva axillaris Image 1911-07-24
Lake vegetation Image 1911-07-24
Lake vegetation Image 1911-07-24
Lake view Image 1911-08-28
Lake view Image 1911-08-28
Lake view - Cercocarpus Image 1911-08-28
Lee side of blowout Image 1911-09-13
Lee side of blowout with shrubs Image 1911-09-13
Lemon roots Image 1911-08-16
Lemon roots Image 1911-08-16
Live oak, wild oats Image 1911-08-21
Live oaks Image 1911-08-21
Live oaks, Usnea Image 1911-08-21
Looking toward Santa Barbara Image 1911-08-20
Monastery wall Image 1911-08-22
Moro to Biggs Valley Image 1911-08-02
Moro wheat and country Image 1911-08-02
Mt. Rubidoux Image 1911-08-11
Native land used for orange Image 1911-08-15
Oak and dry grass Image 1911-08-21
Oak, Pine, Cottonwood, grass Image 1911-06-10
Oaks Image 1911-08-16
Oaks Image 1911-08-21
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