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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
(no description) Image 1915-08-31
Agaricus ring trench Image 1915-08-06
Alfalfa Image 1915-08-10
Alternation short and Artemisia frigida Image 1915-08-23
Alternation, lower down mt. Image 1915-08-24
Alternation, more veg. Image 1915-08-24
Anogra Sand Creek Image 1915-08-16
Artemisia frigida almost pure Image 1915-08-23
Artemisia frigida in Juniper pinion Image 1915-08-30
Artemisia tridentata in Juniper Pinion Image 1915-08-30
Artemisia tridentata, Chaparral oak Image 1915-08-30
Artemisia tridentata, Pinion Juniper Image 1915-08-30
Asclepias verticillata clan Image 1915-08-16
Ash, grass Image 1915-08-10
Atriplex nuttallii, pure Image 1915-08-26
Atriplex nuttallii, Sarcobatus Image 1915-08-26
Atriplex nuttallii, Sarcobatus Image 1915-08-26
Atriplex pabularis Image 1915-08-26
Atriplex pabularis, Sarcobatus Image 1915-08-26
Balcony House Image 1915-08-30
Blowout from south Image 1915-08-18
Blowout so. of Yuma Image 1915-08-18
Blowout, Maple, Redfield Image 1915-08-10
Bluffs Image 1915-08-29
Bouteloua replacing sage Image 1915-08-27
Buffalo, plantago, Artemisia frigida Image 1915-08-23
Bunch grass Image 1915-08-17
Bunch grass Image 1915-08-18
Bunch grass succession Image 1915-08-16
Burned Sage, Gutierrezia Image 1915-08-28
Canton veg. Image 1915-08-26
Chaparral, Oak, aspen, canyon Image 1915-08-31
Chrysothamnus pure Image 1915-08-31
City Image 1915-08-31
Cliff canyon, Pinion Juniper Image 1915-08-30
Cliff Palace Image 1915-08-30
Cliff Palace Image 1915-08-30
Cliff, Invasion veg. Image 1915-08-08
Coleogyne, Hilaria, typical Image 1915-08-29
Contrast of plants Image 1915-08-18
Crest veg. of Blowout Image 1915-08-17
Distichlis, Cottonwood Image 1915-08-28
Distichlis, Cottonwood in distance Image 1915-08-28
Dodd's Ranch Image 1915-08-18
Dodd's Ranch Image 1915-08-18
Down Gila River Image 1915-08-17
Drainage basin Image 1915-08-26
Draw veg. Image 1915-08-25
Dwarf elm, in competition with grass Image 1915-08-20
Edge of Blowout Image 1915-08-18
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