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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Yucca, Juniper, etc. Image 1915-08-26
Young pinion, dying Juniper Image 1915-08-30
Yellow pine, Aspen Image 1915-08-31
Yellow pine, Aspen Image 1915-08-31
Wheat, oak, lupine, pine, crops Image 1915-08-31
Wheat Image 1915-08-10
View from road, 14 mi. Cortez Image 1915-08-30
Vegetation, natural Image 1915-08-25
Vegetation Image 1915-08-16
Vegetation Image 1915-08-25
Vegetation Image 1915-08-26
Veg. of Dodd's Rd. fire guard Image 1915-08-18
Veg. in Blowout Image 1915-08-17
Typical of wet year, grasses Image 1915-08-16
Tree claim, wiregrass - Fire Image 1915-08-10
Tree claim - Aristida stage Image 1915-08-10
Succession Image 1915-08-08
Succession Image 1915-08-20
Suaeda, Sarcobatus, sage, Juniper Image 1915-08-31
Spruce, stream bank veg., valley Image 1915-08-24
Spruce tree house Image 1915-08-30
Sporobolus, sage, Sarcobatus Image 1915-08-30
South of Dodd's Blowout Image 1915-08-18
Soda Canyon from House, Pinion Image 1915-08-30
Short grass, dead, new veg. Image 1915-08-20
Shad, Hilaria Image 1915-08-29
Shad on slope, Erigeron, Chrysothamnus Image 1915-08-30
Secotium, no. of Otis Image 1915-08-18
Scrub and pine Image 1915-08-30
Sarcobatus, sage, wagon road Image 1915-08-24
Sarcobatus, high point of rockslide Image 1915-08-24
Sarcobatus roots Image 1915-08-27
Sarcobatus root Image 1915-08-27
Sarcobatus and Hilaria Image 1915-08-27
Sand Hills mix Image 1915-08-18
Sand Hill veg. Image 1915-08-17
Sand Creek veg. Image 1915-08-16
Sand Creek and cliff Image 1915-08-08
Sage, Sarcobatus, Juniper, shale hill Image 1915-08-31
Sage, Oak, Juniper, Pine Image 1915-08-27
Sage, oak, dry farm Image 1915-08-28
Sage, Juniper, orchard Image 1915-08-29
Sage, Juniper, orchard Image 1915-08-29
Sage, Hilaria, Pinion, Juniper Image 1915-08-27
Sage, Hilaria, Juniper Image 1915-08-27
Sage, Gutierrezia, Aristida, Hilaria Image 1915-08-28
Sage, Castilleja Image 1915-08-30
Sage, alternation, mts. Image 1915-08-24
Sage young and old Image 1915-08-27
Sage replacing Juniper and pine Image 1915-08-27
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