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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Hilaria, Erotia, Sarcobatus Image 1915-09-01
Hilaria, Erotia, Aristida Image 1915-09-12
Hilaria, Ephedra Image 1915-08-29
Hilaria, Chrysothamnus marianus Image 1915-09-09
Hilaria, Bouteloua, juniper kill Image 1915-09-01
Hilaria, Bouteloua mats etc. Image 1915-09-12
Hilaria, Atriplex Image 1915-08-29
Hilaria, Artemisia tridentata Image 1915-08-27
Hilaria, Aristida alternation Image 1915-09-13
Hilaria replacing Atriplex pabularis Image 1915-09-03
Hilaria pure, Chrysothamnus, Aristida Image 1915-09-12
Hilaria pure, Chrysothamnus, Aristida Image 1915-09-12
Hilaria killing sage Image 1915-09-13
Hilaria killing Chrysothamnus marianus Image 1915-09-09
Hilaria amnus, Ruderal, Bouteloua Image 1915-08-23
Gutierrezia, pure Image 1915-08-27
Gutierrezia, dead sage Image 1915-08-29
Great Erotia area Image 1915-09-01
Great Covillea, Gaertneria area Image 1915-09-15
Great Covillea area Image 1915-03-20
Greasewood and grass Image 1915-03-03
Grayia area Image 1915-08-26
Grayia and Shad, etc. Image 1915-08-26
Grass competition Image 1915-08-10
Grass and Gutierrezia Image 1915-03-03
Grass Image 1915-03-03
Grass Image 1915-03-20
Grand Valley from low shad mesa Image 1915-09-03
Graded road, veg. Image 1915-08-23
General view, sage, mts. Image 1915-08-24
General view, mts., valley Image 1915-08-24
General view toward Delta Image 1915-09-02
General view of valley Image 1915-08-24
General View of shale hills Image 1915-08-26
General view of Blowout Image 1915-08-10
Forest killed by fire Image 1915-08-10
Flat free of veg., Mts. in back Image 1915-05-29
First trek on Columbia River Image 1915-06-05
Festuca arizonica Image 1915-08-31
Erotia, Hilaria Image 1915-09-08
Erotia, Chrysothamnus, sage Image 1915-09-09
Erotia showing roots Image 1915-09-08
Erotia pure area Image 1915-09-08
Erotia plant Image 1915-09-08
Erigeron canus Image 1915-06-23
Ephedra, Rhus, Gutierrezia, Atriplex Image 1915-08-29
Elm in competition with grass Image 1915-08-10
Elm and ash, walnut Image 1915-06-21
Edge of Blowout Image 1915-08-18
East Image 1915-03-20
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