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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Blowout, Maple, Redfield Image 1915-08-10
Ring of Agaricus Image 1915-08-08
Succession Image 1915-08-08
Sand Creek and cliff Image 1915-08-08
Cliff, Invasion veg. Image 1915-08-08
Agaricus ring trench Image 1915-08-06
Snow bank effect, short grass Image 1915-07-11
Roads Image 1915-06-30
Roads Image 1915-06-30
Short grass and Plantago Image 1915-06-28
Snow fence, Psoralea, Chrysopsis Image 1915-06-25
Erigeron canus Image 1915-06-23
NE Yuma, Roads, veg. Image 1915-06-21
Short grass, breaking veg. Image 1915-06-21
Tree claim Image 1915-06-21
Bromus inermis and native Image 1915-06-21
Elm and ash, walnut Image 1915-06-21
Short grass Image 1915-06-16
Succession, short grass Image 1915-06-16
Short grass, Festuca, Plantago Image 1915-06-16
Ranch Image 1915-06-16
Sand dunes, cottonwoods, willow Image 1915-06-05
Mts. and trees, river Image 1915-06-05
River and mountains Image 1915-06-05
First trek on Columbia River Image 1915-06-05
Cascade Locks and Rapids Image 1915-06-05
Rock slides across Columbia R. Image 1915-06-05
Dunes, fire on isle in River Image 1915-06-05
Shad on hills, S. P. west Image 1915-05-29
Flat free of veg., Mts. in back Image 1915-05-29
Yucca, grass, Ephedra Image 1915-03-20
Bluffs, Covillea flat Image 1915-03-20
East Image 1915-03-20
Yucca and grass Image 1915-03-20
Grass Image 1915-03-20
East Image 1915-03-20
East Image 1915-03-20
North, alternation Image 1915-03-20
Great Covillea area Image 1915-03-20
Covillea and grass alternation Image 1915-03-20
Cattle country Image 1915-03-20
Succession No. of town Image 1915-03-19
Succession No. of town Image 1915-03-19
Cattle farm Image 1915-03-19
Ostrich farm Image 1915-03-19
Covillea Image 1915-03-18
Covillea area Image 1915-03-18
Covillea, Palo verde Image 1915-03-18
Succession on corn land Image 1915-03-18
Detail Ephemerals. Plantago etc Image 1915-03-18
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