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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
East Image 1915-03-20
East Image 1915-03-20
Dwarf elm, in competition with grass Image 1915-08-20
Dunes, fire on isle in River Image 1915-06-05
Draw veg. Image 1915-08-25
Drainage basin Image 1915-08-26
Down Gila River Image 1915-08-17
Dodd's Ranch Image 1915-08-18
Dodd's Ranch Image 1915-08-18
Distichlis, Cottonwood in distance Image 1915-08-28
Distichlis, Cottonwood Image 1915-08-28
Distichlis and Sarcobatus Image 1915-09-08
Detail Ephemerals. Plantago etc Image 1915-03-18
Dead sage Image 1915-09-11
Cultivated fields Image 1915-03-03
Crest veg. of Blowout Image 1915-08-17
Covillea, [Carnegiea] gigantea, Plantago Image 1915-03-13
Covillea, sand primrose Image 1915-03-10
Covillea, Plantago Image 1915-03-15
Covillea, Palo verde Image 1915-03-18
Covillea, Ironwood, Plantago Image 1915-03-15
Covillea, Gaertneria, Festuca Image 1915-03-13
Covillea, Ephemerals, Plantago Image 1915-03-15
Covillea area Image 1915-03-18
Covillea and grass alternation Image 1915-03-20
Covillea Image 1915-03-04
Covillea Image 1915-03-04
Covillea Image 1915-03-04
Covillea Image 1915-03-04
Covillea Image 1915-03-10
Covillea Image 1915-03-18
Contrast of plants Image 1915-08-18
Conglomerate, Cactus, Wash., etc. Image 1915-03-13
Coleogyne, Hilaria, typical Image 1915-08-29
Cliff, Invasion veg. Image 1915-08-08
Cliff Palace Image 1915-08-30
Cliff Palace Image 1915-08-30
Cliff canyon, Pinion Juniper Image 1915-08-30
City Image 1915-08-31
Chrysothamnus, Hilaria, Erotia Image 1915-09-13
Chrysothamnus pure Image 1915-08-31
Chrysothamnus marianus, Erotia Image 1915-09-09
Chrysothamnus marianus after fire Image 1915-09-11
Chaperal Image 1915-03-04
Chaparral, Oak, aspen, canyon Image 1915-08-31
Cedar, etc. Image 1915-03-03
Cattle farm Image 1915-03-19
Cattle country Image 1915-03-20
Cascade Locks and Rapids Image 1915-06-05
Carnegiea, Opuntia, Gaertneria Image 1915-03-15
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