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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Yucca, shinnery, mesquite, sand sage Image 1917-12-02
Yucca Image 1917-12-03
Wheat grass, Juncus, Spartia Image 1917-12-12
Wheat grass, Juncus, etc. Image 1917-12-12
Very barren, [Bouteloua] eriopoda, aristata Image 1917-12-02
Typical Spanish Bldg. in area Image 1917-12-11
Typical country, vegetation Image 1917-12-06
Typical country Image 1917-12-06
Stipa, some grama Image 1917-12-07
Stipa, some grama Image 1917-12-07
Stables Image 1917-12-11
Stable, grain forage above, road Image 1917-12-11
Short grass near juniper Image 1917-12-07
Shinnery, Bunch grass, yucca Image 1917-12-01
Sarcobatus, Distichlis Image 1917-12-12
Sarcobatus, Chrysothamnus, Bouteloua grass, Muhlenbergia Image 1917-12-12
Sarcobatus Image 1917-12-12
Salt grass, Sarcobatus Image 1917-12-12
Ridge between Estancia and Rio Grande Valleys, Opuntia arborescens Image 1917-12-08
Ranch and plains, veg. Image 1917-12-02
Rabbit brush, Salt grass Image 1917-12-12
Pure Muhlenbergia, sage, Bouteloua oligostachya Image 1917-12-11
Pinion-Juniper Image 1917-12-10
Pinion-Juniper Image 1917-12-10
Pinion-Juniper Image 1917-12-10
Pinion, Juniper Image 1917-12-10
Panorama, salt grass, Sporobolus airoides, Juniper-Pinion in back, timberline up on Sango de Christo range - prairie and mountains Image 1917-12-12
Opuntia arborescens, Muhlenbergia gracilis Image 1917-12-08
Opuntia arborescens, Bouteloua grass Image 1917-12-08
Muhlenbergia Image 1917-12-11
Juniper, Pinion, east side Image 1917-12-07
John D. Archieleta, Pacheco Image 1917-12-11
Hondo, surrounding country Image 1917-12-11
Hondo, surrounding country Image 1917-12-11
Heavy soil, Prosopis, Bouteloua Image 1917-12-01
Gutierrezia, none of original grass Image 1917-12-02
Gutierrezia and Yucca Image 1917-12-06
Gutierrezia Image 1917-12-02
Greasewood Image 1917-12-12
Grama, sage, juniper, Hondo Image 1917-12-11
General view of village Image 1917-12-11
From sand dunes, Muhlenbergia, Sarcobatus Image 1917-12-12
Fine Juniper view, bunch grass Image 1917-12-06
Famous French artist's home Image 1917-12-11
East side of ,T 15 s, 24 E Image 1917-12-03
Dead Gutierrezia, Yucca glauca Image 1917-12-06
Dead Gutierrezia on Grama sod Image 1917-12-05
Crops, Pinon used for shelter Image 1917-12-11
Covillea, yucca, Gutierrezia, Scleropogon Image 1917-12-03
Corrals and crops Image 1917-12-11
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