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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Descriptionsort icon Type Date Availability
Hondo, surrounding country Image 1917-12-11
Hondo, surrounding country Image 1917-12-11
Hills with sage, other veg. Image 1917-09-06
Heavy soil, Prosopis, Bouteloua Image 1917-12-01
Handsome brutes Image 1917-09-01
Gutierrezia, none of original grass Image 1917-12-02
Gutierrezia, dead, Boutelouas, more detail Image 1917-11-26
Gutierrezia, dead, Boutelouas Image 1917-11-26
Gutierrezia and Yucca Image 1917-12-06
Gutierrezia Image 1917-12-02
Group of devastating gentlemen Image 1917-09-01
Greasewood Image 1917-12-12
Grama, sage, juniper, Hondo Image 1917-12-11
Grama, Hilaria Image 1917-11-23
Grama, Galleta Image 1917-11-30
Grama, Galleta Image 1917-11-30
Grama, Flax, Yucca, Wiregrass; pure Bouteloua Image 1917-11-23
Grama, Flax, Yucca, Wiregrass Image 1917-11-23
Grama, buffalo, Aristida longiseta Image 1917-11-28
Grama - Galleta Image 1917-11-30
General view of village Image 1917-12-11
From sand dunes, Muhlenbergia, Sarcobatus Image 1917-12-12
Fine Juniper view, bunch grass Image 1917-12-06
Famous French artist's home Image 1917-12-11
East side of ,T 15 s, 24 E Image 1917-12-03
Dry wheat, alfalfa, sage land Image 1917-09-05
Dead Gutierrezia, Yucca glauca Image 1917-12-06
Dead Gutierrezia on Grama sod Image 1917-12-05
Crops, Pinon used for shelter Image 1917-12-11
Crico, oak, Juniper and pine Image 1917-11-28
Covillea, yucca, Gutierrezia, Scleropogon Image 1917-12-03
Covillea, Prosopis, Gutierrezia, new shrub, small leaf spine Image 1917-11-30
Covillea, Prosopis, Gutierrezia Image 1917-11-30
Corrals and crops Image 1917-12-11
Construction of old church Image 1917-12-11
Cladonia, first stage on dis. Image 1917-03-24
Chrysothamnus graveolens glabrata, mustard Image 1917-09-01
Chrysothamnus graveolens glabrata assoc. Image 1917-09-01
Chrysothamnus graveolens glabrata assoc. Image 1917-09-01
Canyon of Rio Grande Image 1917-12-11
Burned foreground, back not Image 1917-11-28
Bunch grass, veg. to hills Image 1917-09-01
Bunch grass, sand sage, Grama Image 1917-11-28
Bunch grass, Knitzia, Bromus Image 1917-09-01
Bunch grass, Festuca ovina Image 1917-09-01
Breaks, Andropogon Image 1917-11-28
Breaks of Alamogordo Image 1917-12-06
Break, gypsum, mesquite, sand, etc. Image 1917-11-30
Boutelouas, Gutierrezia, detail yucca pods Image 1917-11-25
Boutelouas, Gutierrezia Image 1917-11-25
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