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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Manihot glaziovii Image 1919-12-30
Grass covered island Image 1919-12-30
Begonia wild on termite hill Image 1919-12-30
Detail of Begonia on termite hill Image 1919-12-30
Street scene Image 1919-12-30
Native girl with basket on head Image 1919-12-29
Datura in city park Image 1919-12-28
Delonix regia Image 1919-12-28
City park and streets Image 1919-12-28
Setaria aurea Image 1919-12-28
City park Image 1919-12-28
Termite hill used as brick kiln Image 1919-12-28
Inside ant hill Image 1919-12-28
Golf course Image 1919-12-28
Golf course Image 1919-12-28
Experiment station Image 1919-12-28
Office of director of agricultural [station] Image 1919-12-28
Cupressus at experiment station Image 1919-12-28
Termite damage Image 1919-12-28
General view trees and grass Image 1919-12-28
General view Image 1919-12-28
General view of dry forest Image 1919-12-28
Agave americana Image 1919-12-26
Alfalfa Image 1919-12-26
Staple crop sweet potatoes Image 1919-12-26
A corn field Image 1919-12-26
Irrigation ditch Image 1919-12-26
Potatoes Image 1919-12-26
Native huts and manihot Image 1919-12-26
Sisal Image 1919-12-26
Three men Image 1919-12-26
Government farm and dry forest Image 1919-12-26
Munama experiment station Image 1919-12-26
Superintendent's home Image 1919-12-26
Agaricus Image 1919-12-24
Agaricus Image 1919-12-24
Eragrostis and termite hill Image 1919-12-24
Small orange colored fruit Image 1919-12-24
Dry forest Image 1919-12-24
Ox team and natives Image 1919-12-21
Native village in dry forest Image 1919-12-18
Dry forest Image 1919-12-18
Railroad Image 1919-12-18
Dry forest: H.C. Raven, H.L. Shantz Image 1919-12-17
Roadway through termite hill Image 1919-12-16
Boys hoeing Image 1919-12-16
Land hilled up Image 1919-12-16
Kaffir corn Image 1919-12-16
General view of herbaceous [vegetation] Image 1919-12-15
Natural vegetation Image 1919-12-15
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